NYC Mayor Eric Adams Claims the Republicans Are at Fault for the Soaring Crime Rates!

NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams seems to have fallen out of favor with Republicans who initially praised his background as a police officer. This time, he’s decided to show his full support for team Biden.

When the president was under heavy criticism from GOP officials for the exponentially growing crime rates, Adams jumped to his aid, claiming the right are the ones who aren’t in support of increased funding for police departments across the country.

Can’t tell where Biden ends and where Adams begins

He then went on to urge his fellow Democrats to echo his statements. Adams said Democrats should correct anyone who’s “wrong” on this matter on social media, which is where practically 99% of leftist propaganda is being pushed.

Adams stated the GOP is trying to make the Democrats look soft on crime; almost as if attempting to defund the very police departments fighting crime wasn’t enough to support that narrative.

Instead, Adams claimed that the ones soft on crime were the Republicans who refused to support Biden’s crime bills, implying that he’d attempted to address the issue ever since he was signed into office.

While Adams definitely carried the point across that he’s willing to do anything to fight crime in his city, this didn’t exactly resonate with the rest of the Democrat Party. They are more than willing to take the guns out of police officers’ hands the moment it becomes possible.

Chicago gets a break

Thankfully, some big waves are sending ripples throughout the US. Lightfoot’s defeat in her re-election bid has certainly brought down Democratic morale, as she’s the first incumbent to lose since 1989.

On the other hand, if you look at Chicago’s crime rates, it’s fairly evident why the city’s residents weren’t happy with her work. If Adams eventually caves to the pressure from the Democrat Party, expect New York to go down a similar path.

Biden’s only now showing activity after more than two years in the White House. Many believe it’s a sad attempt at trying to stay relevant ahead of the 2024 presidential election, which Biden will be losing regardless of who his rival may be.

Instead of banding together with the rest of America, Adams actually showed support for Biden’s endeavors to “save this country,” even though our president is one of the least capable ones we’ve had in recent times.

With his age and unwillingness to help the American people combined, Biden makes for one hell of a failed president. Considering he’s probably still gunning for the White House come 2024, one shouldn’t be putting all their money on a senile old man who’s one foot out the door.

Adams would do well to keep his distance from Biden; although he probably won’t, considering the amount of sucking up he’d done already.