Obama Admits He Pushed Disinformation

“Disinformation” is a term used by former President Barack Obama in a recent address. He warned “people are dying” as a result of its spread.

President Obama spoke at Stanford University last week about the risks of disinformation.

One thing that continues to bother Obama is he didn’t realize how vulnerable he was becoming to falsehoods and conspiracy theories, at the time.

“A nation’s public square only needs to be inundated with enough untreated sewage,” said Obama. “Conspiracy theory and questioning are all you need to do in order to make people unsure of what they should trust.”

According to former President Obama, disinformation about the coronavirus vaccine is causing Americans to die.

More on Obama’s Comments

As many as about one in five Americans refuse to get vaccinated for fear of “disinformation,” President Obama warned, citing a recent study.

Earlier this week, the Obama Foundation announced it was launching a new effort to combat the spread of misinformation.

“Particularly on popularity of social media, we’ve seen how quick misinformation spreads,” Obama posted a message to his Twitter account. “This has put our democracy at jeopardy.”

Conspirators who believe Obama betrayed his pledge that people who liked current health insurance plans could keep them, as well as other claims he made during his presidency, have condemned his efforts.

“Obama and the New York Times, both of whom played significant roles in the bogus and destructive Russia collusion myth, now appear to be oblivious of what they did, claiming to fight misinformation,” Mollie Hemingway tweeted.

To Be Continued…

“President Barack Obama will deliver the keynote address at Stanford University’s conference on ‘information deception’ on Wednesday,” tweeted Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican from California.

“If you’re happy with your physician, you can keep him or her,” Twitchy Managing Editor Samantha Janney tweeted. “There can be no doubt that Barack Obama is the undisputed king of falsehoods.”

Obama’s biggest disinformation of all is that he’s supportive of the Biden administration.

Intel within the Obama circle reported the former president is very displeased with Biden. Obama was previously reluctant to even campaign on Biden’s behalf.

An old video that has gone viral also shows Obama saying, “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to mess things up.”

Some within the Democratic circle believe that Michelle Obama will eventually run for president in the near future. Obama is still longing for political power and Michelle Obama is the last chance for Obama to once again have major influence within the White House.

As the next three years come to a close, expect Obama to distance himself from Biden’s trainwreck of an administration. Expect him to instead prop up either his wife or another Democratic candidate to his liking.