Obama, Running Out of Things To Say, Aims at a Metaphorical Statement

Former President Barack Obama again aimed at Herschel Walker’s qualifications as he attended his second rally for Senator Raphael Warnock for the runoff next week. 

Obama Questions Walker’s Qualification Due to Walker’s Recent Metaphorical Statement

On Thursday, former President Barack Obama appeared in front of thousands of people in Atlanta, campaigning ahead of the runoff next week.

Speaking to the crowd, the former president took aim at Herschel, criticizing his qualifications and mining the Republican candidate’s opinions that he raised recently.

Obama told the crowd in Atlanta that since the last time he was there, the Republican candidate, Herschel Walker, has been speaking about issues of high importance, particularly for the residents of Georgia.

This was followed by a sarcastic statement about whether it is better to have a werewolf or a vampire. The Democratic ex-president continued this is also a debate that he had when he was a kid, but then he “grew up.”

Obama continued, as far as he is concerned, Walker can be anything else he wishes to be, except being a senator of the United States. He added the debate of whether it’s better to be a “werewolf or a vampire” would have been a funny story if Walker is not running for Senate. 

These seemingly odd comments made by the former president at the rally against Republican candidate Herschel Walker stemmed from the story stated by Walker last month.

Democrats Resorting to Desperate Methods to Win

During the rally at McDonough, Walker earned attention and some criticism when he told a story about a horror film, wherein he metaphorically depicted the character in the movie could not kill the vampire because of its lack of faith.

Walker continued, stating this is similar to the way of humans lives; it will not work unless people have faith.

“GH_6462” (public domain) by Raphael Warnock

Democrats highlight not just Walker’s personal campaigns, but likewise attacked his qualification, particularly accusing him to be unqualified to be a senator of the United States. 

Warnock previously asked the crowd if Americans are tired now, how much more if they have Herschel Walker to represent the state of Georgia in the next six years?

The Democratic candidate also accused Walker of having unreported children and falsely claiming his academic records. 

Meanwhile, Walker declared these accusations are nothing but a lie. He also added it is pitiful how Warnock is resorting to this method. He added the media should not be too foolish to think he will be spending his campaign time addressing these lies. 

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also fired back last Wednesday, comparing these accusations against Walker to the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, adding that he had witnessed this same scenario before.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.