Oregon Requiring Menstrual Products in Boys’ School Bathrooms

"Hygieneartikel" by Tim Reckmann

With a recent bill from Oregon officials passing soon, every public school in the state, including elementary schools, will be forced to provide tampons and other feminine hygiene products in male-only bathrooms.

This out-of-left-field requirement is part of Governor Kate Brown’s “Menstrual Dignity Act.” This was signed into law in 2021, mandating that menstrual products be made available in all student bathrooms.

“Sanitary pads and tampons with roses on white background” by Marco Verch Professional

Imposing the rule on elementary school bathrooms is just pushing every boundary and more of a taunt than an actual way of supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

When the bill was initially passed, the Oregon Department of Education distributed a toolkit aptly named the Medical Dignity for Students. This is expected to aid local districts in meeting the upcoming law’s standards.

“Menstruating and non-menstruating students”

With this, each school will be mandated to have menstrual product dispensers in at least two bathrooms.

The mandate is expanding to every bathroom by June next year, emphasizing that all genders must have access to these dispensers.

Sexual health specialist Sasha Grenier claims this new program will help students actively participate in classes, while also alleviating some economic strain and shame that “menstruating people” experience through their education years.

However, last time I checked, boys weren’t people of the menstruating kind.

Fortunately, there’s always some left-leaning elitist to explain these alien concepts to us average Joes.

Michela Bedard, executive of PERIOD, a Portland-based advocacy group, stated while the policy is progressive, it is also bipartisan in nature, including persons from any race, class, or political affiliation.

Tampax! Now in your son’s school bathroom!

This does reassure that females of any race and wealth class can, in fact, menstruate.

However, the idea that students should be grouped into “menstruating and non-menstruating” categories is borderline insulting to anyone who cares enough for their child to see something wrong with this.

Unfortunately, it seems it’s too late to protest this bill. Portland is already beginning its implementation of the “every bathroom” requirement that isn’t even in effect for over a year more.

They recently issued a statement confirming that feminine hygiene products are now available in female and all-gender restrooms.

They assured all the remaining restrooms, including the male ones, will be provided with the products by the start of the next school year.

If anything, this progressive law is receiving a significant amount of backlash, if not for the absurdity of the law itself, then for the major economic strain it will have on local taxpayers who weren’t even on board with the law, to begin with.

After all, why should anyone be paying for boxes of Tampax that’ll undoubtedly end up flushed down the first toilet the moment a group of young boys encounters them in their restroom?