Over 500k Tests Discarded After Bacteria Contamination Detected

Even though COVID-19 tests were created as a way to determine whether immediate action should be taken in order to offset the dangerous symptoms of the disease, they’ve recently been found to be harmful.

As it turns out, half a million home COVID-19 tests are being recalled at the time. That’s due to contamination with highly dangerous bacteria in the liquid solution you’re supposed to use with the swab.

COVID, the “gift” that keeps on giving

SD Biosensor Inc., the company producing the tests, gave an official statement on the matter, claiming 40 entire batches of their Pilot COVID-19 home tests have been affected by the bacteria and they’re working on a fix.

However, recalling these may prove to be more difficult than one would imagine. 500k of them were delivered to CVS Health centers, whereas another 16k were given to Amazon for distribution.

This means even if the company manages to get ahold of the tests CVS Health is selling, a bunch of the Amazon ones may have already been sold, putting hundreds of Americans’ lives in danger.

On top of being infectious, these tests can also provide false results on the test, which adds to the list of complications caused by the bacteria. Someone could not even know they’ve got COVID while also having their body invaded by this potentially dangerous bacteria.

Just get tested at a medical center if you absolutely need to

The FDA also spoke up on the matter, claiming none of the 500k+ tests were distributed through a single federal distribution program, nor was COVID.gov involved.

The bacteria can easily populate large areas of water. FDA officials warned anyone who still has tests from the recalled lots to throw theirs in the trash and refrain from dumping the solution in their household drains.

That being said, just looking at the solution won’t hurt you, but rather misusing the test or spilling the liquid on yourself could prove dangerous. The bacteria can lead to a number of different health issues.

If your kit is from an unaffected lot though, there’s nothing to be afraid of and you can keep using the tests as normal.

These sorts of incidents have become suspiciously common, recently. It’s only a matter of time before we discover someone’s been tampering with entire batches of medication on purpose.

At the end of the day, a home COVID test has never been too reliable; even if you do take one, you’re still best off having a medical professional examine you instead.

Stay safe and avoid the home tests from SD Biosensor, at least for the time being, and you’ll make things a whole lot easier for yourself and your loved ones.