Pelosi’s Son’s Business Connections Just Got Exposed

A recent report by the New York Post has revealed Nancy Pelosi’s only son, Paul Pelosi Jr., is linked to five companies under investigation for fraud.
Paul Pelosi Jr. has never been charged with fraudulent activity himself, but has been hired by five firms which are connected to fraudsters and convicted criminals.
In 2007, Pelosi Jr. was hired as a senior vice president of a company called InfoUSA. This business was a database company that got busted several years earlier for selling data to criminals.
The data that was bought by the fraudsters would then be used to scam old people out of their money. This happened before Pelosi was hired, but to take a $180,000 per year salary for a company that has been known to be fraudulent is a bit of a red flag.
The company InfoUSA was founded by a major Bill Clinton donor by the name of Vin Gupta. InfoUSA got investigated in 2007 by the SEC, after Gupta flew Bill and Hillary Clinton on the company’s private jets.

More on Pelosi Jr’s Connections to Fraudulent Companies

The 52-year-old Paul Pelosi Jr., in 2009, co-founded the company Natural Blue Resources, which invested in environmental organizations.

However, the SEC brought fraud charges against the company in 2014 because of its connection to two alleged fraudsters, James Cohen and Joseph Corazzi.

In 2013, Pelosi Jr. joined FOGFuels. However, shortly after being named the vice president of the company, the founder was charged with stealing $3 million from elderly investors.

The Connection to Fraud Doesn’t End There

In 2014, Pelosi Jr. worked as a director at Targeted Medical Pharma; he later quit after working there for seven months. A year after he quit, the FDA accused the company of testing drugs on people without authorization.

Later in 2014, he became an executive at Corporate Governance Initiative, which was a non-profit group that aimed to build transparency amongst organizations.

While working at CGI, Pelosi Jr. established a connection with Asa Clair, a man who was charged with running a crypto scam through a charity called World Sports Alliance.

Pelosi Jr., in 2018, even promoted Clair’s alleged cryptocurrency scam on a website. Pelosi, however, has never been charged with fraud.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in hot water for allegedly participating in insider trading. Maybe that’s why she reportedly made $30 million dollars on big tech stocks.

Nancy Pelosi is also responsible for voting on regulations regarding tech companies; so for her to make money from the companies is beyond shady.

It’s very clear why Pelosi and other Democrats haven’t sounded off on big tech companies for censorship; after all, they are becoming rich through these companies.

Senator Ted Cruz recently introduced a bill that would ban Pelosi-style insider trading, but it has yet to be voted on.