Pennsylvania Court Just Ruled Mail-in Voting Act 77 Unconstitutional

A state court in Pennsylvania just ruled the state’s mail-in voting law, which was enacted over two years ago, is unconstitutional.

Republicans in the state have been fighting against the mail-in voting act, ever since President Trump railed against Pennsylvania mail-in ballot laws.

According to FOX 43, a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled Act 77, which allowed residents of Pennsylvania to vote by mail-in ballots, violates the state’s Constitution.

The Commonwealth Court followed up its decision by denying the Department of State’s application for complete summary relief.

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Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt wrote in her decision that a constitutional amendment must first be brought before the people of Pennsylvania and then be adopted into law.

The decision was made by a five-judge panel and their decision could be put on hold if Gov. Tom Wolf makes an appeal to PA’s Supreme Court.

The court’s decision comes right before the primary season, which is making many Democrats extremely worried. The five-judge panels consisted of three Republican judges and two Democrat judges who dissented to the court’s ruling.

ACT 77 was actually passed before the pandemic even occurred; it passed 27-0 in Pennsylvania’s Senate and 105-2 in the House.

The reason Republicans voted for the new bill is they had no idea it would be used for mass distribution, such as in the case of a pandemic. Over 2,637,065 mail-in ballots were cast in the state of Pennsylvania, in comparison to the 4,200,000 that voted in person.

This Could Change Everything

Biden barely won the state of Pennsylvania with 80,000 votes, which is a very small amount.

If mail-in ballots were never sent out by mail, then those 80,000 votes might be wiped away from Biden. Trump commented on the PA’s court decision by stating the patriotic spirit of America is being shown in PA.

Trump slammed Governor Tom Wolf on multiple occasions for allowing the legislators to pass unconstitutional laws.

Gov. Tom Wolf barked back at Trump and has taken jabs at Trump himself, which has led many Republicans in PA to call Wolf a RINO (Republican in Name Only).

Why does this ruling matter? The ruling matters because it could, for the first time, overturn a mail-in ballot law. This could then lead to other states making mail-in ballots unconstitutional in their states as well.

Pennsylvania hastily passed a law so quickly, they didn’t realize they broke their own Constitution and so was the same for other swing states.

The laws that were passed make mail-in ballots perfectly legal with or without an ongoing pandemic; so now, mail-in ballots, in most states, are perfectly legal and are now the standard.

The legalization of mail-in ballots makes it possible for bad actors to ballot harvest in elections.