Pfizer Accused of Manipulating COVID Vaccine Trial Data

A whistleblower made credible allegations of fraud against a subcontractor of Pfizer involved in clinical trials of the company’s COVID-19 medications and vaccines.

According to the whistleblower, the subcontractor engaged in unethical practices including fabricating data, compromising the integrity of the trials, and failing to report the adverse effects of the vaccines.

Whistleblower’s Disturbing Accusations Against Subcontractor of Pfizer

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world, it is vital that the public receives accurate and reliable information.

In this light, the testimony of whistleblower Brook Jackson regarding alleged misconduct by Ventavia, a subcontractor of Pfizer involved in the clinical trials of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine, should not be ignored.

Jackson’s claims of misconduct are credible and warrant investigation.

According to Jackson, Ventavia engaged in a range of unethical practices, including fabricating data, failing to report adverse events, and compromising the integrity of the trials by unblinding both clinicians and participants.

These alleged violations of good clinical practices (GCP) are of great concern and must be thoroughly investigated.

Tim Truth, a user on Rumble, compiled a series of interviews featuring Brook Jackson, a whistleblower who is currently taking legal action against Pfizer.

In these interviews, Jackson, who served as a regional director in 2020 in Texas, describes in detail the disturbing and potentially illegal actions she observed while working with Pfizer subcontractor Ventavia.

Jackson explains how she raised concerns about data fabrication, falsification, and fraud on a daily basis with her managers, but her warnings went unheeded. These allegations are extremely concerning and must be thoroughly investigated.

Disturbing Lack of Proper Consent Among Participants

The whistleblower also describes a disturbing lack of proper informed consent among trial participants in her interviews.

Jackson states she frequently found missing patient signatures, missing dates, and in some cases, the dates and the signatures were missing on the informed consent forms.

Furthermore, Jackson claims Ventavia personnel were responsible for falsifying participant signatures; three varying employees were disciplined for falsifying data and fabricating them on these forms.

Jackson emphasizes Ventavia was well aware of this misconduct.

Jackson also brings to light issues with the documentation and reporting of adverse events.

An instance was brought to light where a patient experienced a serious adverse event; yet, it was not reported or followed up on for 11 days, despite the protocol set by Pfizer and institutional review boards mandating reporting within 24 hours.

In addition to this, there were cases of adverse events that went completely unrecorded, which was partly attributed to a lack of clarity regarding Pfizer’s protocol among Ventavia staff.

Additionally, Jackson also reveals there were issues with the storage of Pfizer’s COVID injections, where the vaccine vials were not kept in proper cold storage and were treated carelessly.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.