Politician Endorsed by Trump Gets Second Sex Misconduct Accusation

(Charles Herbster's Twitter profile)

Charles Herbster is a high-ranking farming company executive and long-term Trump ally presently running for Nebraska governor.

He has been accused of sexual misconduct by a second woman within the course of a couple of weeks.

More Alleged Victims Speak Out Against Trump Ally

Herbster is a Nebraska native, who served as the CEO of two farming company and a company specializing in agricultural marketing.

During the Trump administration, he served as the head of Trump’s Advisory Committee on Agricultural and Rural Regions.

Earlier this month, a report by The Nebraska Examiner said eight different women have complained they were sexually harassed by Charles Herbster, with one of them, a state legislator from the Republican Party, coming forward.

The report in question even caused a bipartisan group of members of the Nebraska legislature to urge Herbster to quit the gubernatorial race.

Now, a second one from the eight alleged sexual harassment victims in question is publicly accusing the Trump ally and wannabe governor of Nebraska of sexual misconduct.

The second public accusation comes just a day ahead of a rally in Nebraska on Sunday night, in which Trump is supposed to speak publicly in favor of Herbster’s candidacy. This had been scheduled to take place earlier, but had to be put off because of bad weather.

Herbster’s second sexual harassment accuser is a woman named Elizabeth Todsen, who put out a statement through her lawyer. She claimed the Trump ally groped her sexually back in 2019.

She stated her experience was described in detail anonymously in the original report of The Nebraska Examiner; she has been struggling for years now with the consequences of the alleged harassment.

(Charles Herbster’s Twitter profile)

Claims of Sexual Harassment at Republican Fundraiser

According to her account, Charles W. Herbster groped her during a political event while he was greeting her table.

She added it was roughly at the same time when the Trump ally allegedly groped the other supposed victim, Nebraska legislator Julie Slama.

Todsen added, as cited by The Hill, that it was really hard for her come forward because she fears retaliation by Herbster who she described as a “powerful voice” in the politics of Nebraska.

However, she made up her mind the people of the state should be aware of the alleged “horrible actions” that he made.

In her statement, Todsen also lauded Republican legislator Julie Slama, 25, for being the first to publicly come forward about Herbster’s supposed sexual misconduct.

Todsen told the Nebraska Examiner that she and other women were sitting at a Republican fundraiser table paid for by the Trump ally.

As he was greeting the table, he allegedly “grabbed” her “butt”, and in such a way that she couldn’t even push away.

Herbster’s campaign reacted to the second public sexual misconduct accusation against him by claiming it is a “smear attack” stemming from the “desperate tactics” of a liberal gubernatorial candidate, Jim Pillen.

The campaign also said Herbster has already taken legal action to tackle one of the persons who accused him of sexual misconduct in the Nebraska Examiner report, apparently, state legislator Julie Slama.

Slama claims during that same 2019 political fundraiser, Herbster reached up her skirt.