Polls: Biden Might’ve Already Lost the 2024 Election

"US Election 2016" by Kyle Taylor

Let’s face it, Joe Biden isn’t doing a terrific job at being the US president.

The past year has shown exactly how incompetent he was for the role, with his approval rating dropping with each passing day.

With this in mind, everyone’s looking at the 2024 election in hopes of replacing the current administration; this even applies to Democrats who were disappointed with the promises President Biden didn’t deliver on.

Currently, the polls show Biden, should he decide to run again, is already a whole nine points behind the unknown Republican candidate.

This isn’t unexpected in times of crisis like we’re experiencing now.

Trump 2024?

The poll results probably surprised no one.

The American people weren’t hesitant to express their anger with what Biden has done to the country’s economy and international relations, to name a few.

“Presidential poll” by Matthew Hurst

Apart from ignoring the rapidly growing inflation in late 2021, the past year saw an avalanche of missteps by the Biden administration, ranging from the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan to the ever-growing immigration issue happening at the Mexican border.

It’s still unknown who the Republican Party will nominate in the 2024 election, although reports show former President Trump could dominate in 2024 with a 52-point lead.

However, it’s still unclear whether Trump will actually run in 2024, despite him hinting at it through numerous interviews and press conferences he’s held.

Approval rating speaks for itself

The fact is this: Trump has consistently polled better than Biden in all the potential 2024 matchup polls, and he’s already projected to take the lead by at least five points.

The quantum of solace in Biden’s possible 2nd run for president in 2024 is that any member of the GOP has a clear advantage over him, possibly even with some indecisive democrats, and if we’re presented with the same matchup as the 2020 election, Trump will undoubtedly knock the ball out of the park.

If the Republican Party doesn’t opt for Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is everyone’s next pick for the Republican candidate.

The Floridian governor has been a major hit with the Republican crowd due to his sharp responses to the Biden administration’s policies as well as his cooperation with Sen. Ted Cruz during the 2021 border fiasco, when illegal immigrants were being flown out to Jacksonville, FL on Biden’s orders.

On the flip side, the Democrat Party is also looking at replacing Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Vice President Kamala Harris has previously hinted she’ll be running for president, and Bernie Sanders’ supporters are calling for him to run in 2024 as well.

Biden’s approval rating experienced a landslide in the previous year, falling under 50% in 40 states.

On top of this, he’s not doing much to dig himself out or lay the groundwork for the 2024 election.

Despite his age and obvious health issues, Biden has stated he’s looking forward to running for president in the next election.

Although it’s unclear who will make the same mistake of voting for him again, now that we’ve seen him throw the economy and Americans under the bus.