Poor Education Is Making America’s Youngest Generations Dumber

A study has found that the average IQ of an American has taken a downward trend for the first time in 100 years. Many are currently speculating that it could be due to a lack of proper education.

The IQ tests that were examined were performed by men and women between the ages of 18 and 60, with the greatest differences compared to previous years being found among the younger generations.

Devastating IQ scores mark the biggest knowledge decline in US history

If we look back to 1932, IQ scores started going up by three to five points every ten years, creating a trend where younger generations should technically have higher scores than the generation before them, which is no longer the case.

Unfortunately, the Flynn effect that was previously described has somehow reversed itself. Starting from 2006 to 2018, the average IQ was on a declining trend and this year’s results solidified that notion.

Research has previously shown that being exposed to high-quality education, which includes getting a four-year degree in a certain field, usually softens the blow to a person’s IQ score, which doesn’t seem to apply to younger generations.

Instead, America’s youngest aren’t protected by this at all. Their IQ has been on a downward spiral, regardless of the amount of exposure they’ve had to educational content and activities.

Millennials’ and zoomers’ skillsets are nothing to write home about

Millennials have felt the changes to the education system on their own skin. Due to the majority of them completing K-12 and college education for the duration of the study, a notable IQ decline was recorded.

As it turns out, this generation was exposed to a large amount of defective curriculum. Many of them received inflated grades from their educators, which could’ve been an attempt to support the idea of every student having to attend college.

It’s not just the IQ, though. Younger Americans have also demonstrated a noticeable lacking skillset compared to their older counterparts. Many are arguing it is the result of increased exposure to social media and internet culture.

Overall, the most recent IQ scores have been lower across multiple levels of education, signaling that some changes are necessary right away.

The decline may also suggest some cognitive skills have lost their value in the eyes of future generations; although it’s tough to make that claim without proper evidence to support it.

Instead, we can blame the education system and what it’s become. We already know what the school curriculum has boiled down to when the left decided to include their woke agendas into mandatory education.

There’s no telling what amount of damage the future generations will sustain from these changes, but it’s safe to say we’re reaping the rewards of encouraging a faulty and easygoing system that we created of our own volition.