President of the Teachers Union Calls for Gun Confiscation in US!

Last week on Tuesday, following the Nashville shooting, teachers union president Randi Weingarten called on lawmakers to push for gun confiscation, claiming it’s what other “great democracies” had done.

Repeating the same stuff we’ve been hearing from just about every liberal ever, Weingarten demanded that additional gun safety legislation be introduced, echoing the cries for a ban on assault weapons that Democrats have been making recently.

Isn’t Australia ripe with violent crime as well?

What Weingarten and her like-minded people fail to comprehend is the US already had a 10-year-long ban on assault weapons, which only resulted in violent crimes committed with different weapons becoming more frequent.

She went on to claim Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand were to be considered great democracies for what they’d done in terms of gun control, even though data shows violent crime is still as present as it ever was in those countries.

Of course, this isn’t Weingarten’s original idea. The Democrats have been using these three as an example for years, hoping it would swing lawmakers to support a ban on assault weapons in the US.

Scotland banned handguns, while Australia created a mandatory buyback of all semi-auto rifles and shotguns that were purchased in the country back in 1996. New Zealand imposed a ban on all assault weapons mere days after the Christchurch shooting happened in 2019.

DeSantis protects Florida’s children

Weingarten did clarify she’s only calling for a ban on assault weapons, not for complete gun confiscation, and her speech was doctored to make it appear as if she was doing the latter.

She went on to criticize the Republican Party for not addressing the issue of gun violence in the country, even though it’s long since been established that the guns themselves aren’t the root cause of the issue.

She believes a ban on semi-auto weapons could revolutionize education in America, but what she didn’t account for were the many illegal firearms that would remain in Americans’ possession. What would the law-abiding Americans have to defend themselves with then?

A handgun pales in comparison to an AR-15; criminals won’t exactly mind purchasing those illegally anyways.

The teachers union president even went after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis himself, claiming he’s falsely accusing schools of teaching CRT to kids and saying teachers are grooming their students.

Much to Weingarten’s dismay, there is more than enough proof that those were actual issues that DeSantis addressed in the state of Florida.

His work helped protect hundreds of thousands of American children from the negative influence the woke community would have on them.

Despite all this irrefutable evidence, Weingarten decided to label DeSantis’ agenda as one dangerous effort to undermine public education, even though all he’s done is helped save it from the libs like her.