President Trump Calls Resigned President of CNN a Sleazebag

President Trump just slammed CNN’s former president.

Hours after CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, resigned for failing to report a consensual relationship with another colleague, Trump released a statement calling the disgraced president a sleazebag.

Trump would go on to say that under Zucker’s helm, CNN had the lowest ratings it has ever had. The 45th president would continue and say, ‘Congratulations! Zucker is gone!’

More on Zucker’s Resignation

In a letter to his colleagues, Zucker stated he failed to reveal he was in a consensual relationship with another employee of CNN. This is a clear violation of the company’s policy.

The relationship with his colleague was unknown until Chris Cuomo got fired and Zucker was asked questions as part of Cuomo’s investigation.

Zucker was asked specifically about a fellow CNN employee. The president got asked if he had a relationship with her. To this end, he replied “yes,” and would go on to state he kept it a secret.

Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN after text messages from his phone revealed he contacted media connections in order to help his brother, former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, as he was going through sexual assault allegations.

Many believe Chris Cuomo is the one who let the cat out of the bag. Cuomo may also be planning on exposing other members of CNN to take revenge against the network for firing him.

CNN is a Den of Debauchery

Besides Zucker and Cuomo leaving the network for their inappropriate actions, another CNN producer got canned, but for more sinister reasons.

CNN producer John Griffin was arrested after he reportedly sexually abused a young girl. According to police reports, Griffin invited the girl’s mother to his house through a messaging app.

He told the woman to bring her daughter who was a minor. Griffin then bought plane tickets for the mother and daughter and flew them to his house.

The woman complied and brought her daughter with her when she met with Griffin. At one point, Griffin allegedly had sexual contact with both the mother and daughter. Griffin is now awaiting trial for his alleged sex crimes.

Besides Griffin, another CNN producer was arrested for sexual crimes involving a minor. Former CNN producer Rick Saleeby was apprehended for child exploitation.

Saleeby got exposed after a woman who would text him regularly was interviewed by Project Veritas. In the interview with Project Veritas, the woman recorded Saleeby describing how he wanted to force her young daughter to perform oral sex on him.

The next CNN anchor to go will more than likely be none other than Don Lemon. This is due to the fact he has a pending lawsuit against him. This lawsuit claims he sexually harassed another man in the Hamptons.