Putin’s Plan to Assassinate the Ukrainian President Failed

A team of elite Chechen commandos dispatched into Ukraine to track down and assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was “stopped” by security forces, according to a senior defense official quoted in national news media.

According to a translation of his remarks, Chairman of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov informed the Ukraine 24 television channel that defense troops successfully opposed two murder squads dispatched after Zelenskyy on Tuesday.

He did not elaborate. He said Ukrainian forces received information about a terrorist plot on Zelenskyy and annihilated an elite Chechen unit as a result of the information.

“I can confirm we obtained information from representatives of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), who have shown no willingness to take part in the brutal conflict, about the special operation to be conducted out directly by the Kadyrovites to assassinate our president.”

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In the Chechen State, which is a semi-autonomous portion of Russia, Ramzan Kadyrov serves as its leader.

He is a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin; his soldiers are also renowned for being aggressive and extremely trained combatants. The term “FSB” refers to Russia’s Federal Security Branch (Federal Security Service).

According to a story published Monday by Fox News Digital, Putin’s decision to dispatch Chechen militants to join the operation may have backfired, since the Ukrainian military performed better than expected.

Known for battling insurgencies with savage tactics that rocked Russia throughout its two horrific wars against them in the 1990s, the Chechens are a part of the Russian National Guard.

They are too well-known for their work against insurgencies.

In addition to being used to hunt out terrorists in Syria, the Chechens have indeed been deployed by Russia in a number of other conflicts, including in Georgia. Additionally, when hostilities erupted in Donbas in 2014, they engaged in combat with the Ukrainians.

To Be Continued…

He added the Chechen commando unit arrived in two different groups; one was engaged in Hostomel by defense forces and another was being closely monitored by the Ukrainian military.

Danilov further alleged that sources within Russia’s Federal Security Service informed Ukraine about the murder squad’s presence in the country.

Zelenskyy claimed in a public message last week that Russian soldiers selected him as their “number one target.” He said he felt this was true.

The president of Ukraine has subsequently maintained a strong stance against Russia’s invasion, rejecting an American evacuation offer and remaining in his besieged capital, Kyiv.

From Kyiv, he has been uploading selfie videos, showing him standing near defense forces as Russian troops approach the city. Per a transcript of his statements, he remarked, “The war has begun. It’s not a ride that I’m looking for, but ammunition.”