Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine about to Cause Chernobyl 2.0 Nuclear Disaster

The cursed Chernobyl nuclear power plant built by Soviet communists in today’s Ukraine is about to start leaking radiation once again because of Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin’s invasion and occupation of the site.

Spent Nuclear Fuel in Grave Danger, Due to Russian Power Cutoff

Ukraine’s state nuclear energy company, Energoatom, on Wednesday, issued a grave warning that it could be a mere 48 hours before Chernobyl starts leaking radiation once again.

Energoatom’s warning focused on the need to carry out emergency repairs, due to an electricity outage. This is preventing the cooling of spent nuclear fuel. In turn, this could lead to the release of radioactive substances within just two days.

As the Ukrainian authorities haven’t been allowed to carry out the necessary repairs, the Chernobyl plant has been using its backup emergency diesel generators.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, Dmytro Kuleba, echoed the warnings of the state nuclear power company. He wrote on Twitter the cooling systems of the spent nuclear fuel storage at Chernobyl are about to stop, which would make “radiation leaks imminent”.

The Ukraine government company also stressed a radioactive cloud that could be released shortly by the Chernobyl storage would be carried by winds to other parts of Ukraine, but also to Belarus, Russia, and all over Europe.

It added the staff of the Chernobyl site may already be getting exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation.

The French are Begging Putin for Nuclear Safety

The government of France issued a call on Russia to cooperate with the Ukrainians in order to avoid a new Chernobyl catastrophe. France added it is in touch with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) over the matter.

French government spokesperson Gabriel Attal declared it is trying to figure out the level of nuclear threat in cooperation with the IAEA.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron appealed personally to Putin over the plant’s safety during their last telephone conversation this past weekend.

In a statement later on Wednesday, the IAEA declared, for the time being, it hadn’t seen any “critical impact” on the safety of the nuclear storage facility in Chernobyl resulting from the power outage caused by the Russians.

It did inform the international public it is technically possible to have “effective heat removal” from the nuclear storage facility even without electrical supply.

At the same time, however, the International Atomic Energy Agency expressed concern over the power outage in Chernobyl, and declared this situation is a violation of a “key safety pillar”.

The emblematic decommissioned Soviet-era NPP in Chernobyl, north of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, is not the only nuclear power facility conquered by Putin’s Russian troops in Ukraine.

In the south of the country, the Russians have recently managed to capture the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which is the biggest NPP in all of Europe.

The exploding of the Chernobyl NPP in the Soviet Union back in 1986 and the radiation emitted as a result has been the gravest nuclear power plant catastrophe in humanity’s history so far.