Rep. James Comer States Several Witnesses From Biden Investigation Have Gone Missing

Kentucky Rep. James Comer touched on a few important matters that came up almost immediately after the Biden administration’s shady dealings had been revealed.

As it turns out, a great percentage of the whistleblowers and witnesses from the investigation have gone missing without a trace. It remains uncertain why; although we do have a few ideas.

Biden’s sweeping everything under the rug

Comer explained that nine of the 10 witnesses have now gone into hiding or have been jailed. There is no further information on their whereabouts; they could be fearing for their lives, seeing as we all know what Biden’s task force is capable of.

The people in question are those who were involved in the CEFC deal that the Bidens made, effectively funneling millions of dollars into their personal accounts.

One of the witnesses involved is also Tony Bobulinski, who may have been the most informed witness in the investigation. Without him, building the case will be infinitely more difficult.

The rest of the witnesses were just the persons involved in the deals. Those are ones with direct info from the Biden family about the influence-peddling schemes our president has been orchestrating.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the Biden team is working around the clock to intimidate them. The liberal media has been putting in some extra effort to discredit all of them.

MSNBC does what they do best. Fake news.

Of course, this prompted quite a response from the liberals, who celebrated the disappearance of the witnesses and whistleblowers from such a high-profile investigation.

Unfortunately for them, seven out of 10 Americans actually support the oversight committee’s work and they’re able to see that Biden’s plotting something.

When you’ve got a son who’s constantly getting himself in trouble and doing shady deals with Chinese and Ukrainian conglomerates, one would assume you’d be clever enough not to get involved yourself.

Although we shouldn’t have expected better from Sleepy Joe. Maybe his behavior all this time was what was distracting us from all the corrupt deals he’s been making for years on end, as we just couldn’t believe he had the capabilities.

MSNBC tried their best to convince everyone that the Grassley whistleblower had gone missing, probably to convince the detached lefties Joe is clean.

Next time, they’ll have to be a bit more convincing, though. It didn’t take long for Comer to reveal the truth and discourage all the Biden fanboys hoping their president would be free of any implications.

Regardless of how many whistleblowers and witnesses are present, the fact still remains that the White House went out of its way to intimidate these people. This only goes to show they’re intent on hiding something important.