Russia is Becoming More Isolated, Like North Korea

Russia is waging a bloody war against Ukraine; one analyst believes the nation’s society is becoming more similar to that of North Korea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken a variety of moves to quell dissent in the country.

This includes imprisoning those who demonstrate against the conflict in Ukraine and even reporters who tell the truth about what their administration does in Ukraine.

In Russia, anti-war demonstrations have taken place throughout the country since the start of the Russian attacks of Donbass.

Authorities detained at least 15,000 people in connection with these demonstrations, as according to Operational Outcomes, an individual human rights organization centered on political oppression in Russia.

New Bill

On March 4, Putin approved a bill intended to penalize journalists with imprisonment for publishing information in conflict with the government’s declarations regarding Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

In order to propagate the Kremlin’s message, Putin employs state-run media. People who break the legislation might face a sentence of 15 to 30 years in jail.

According to author Rebekah Koffler, Putin called on the Russian people to rat out traitors, often known as the ‘fifth column.’ He warned anybody who comes out against the war will be prosecuted.

On Friday, Putin organized a big pro-war rally, in which thousands of people turned out to support him.

In his statement, Koffler said those who attend these types of protests are often not present of their own free choice; there is “implicit coercion” on them to do so.

“We had these marches and protests, and you were required to participate. Every company and school wanted you to attend, and you did,” Koffler expressed.

According to the author, “there was certainly a request from the Russian government asking people to leave.”

Koffler also made a point of warning the country is quickly becoming a “pariah” in the eyes of the international world. Several people in Russia have indeed been detained after advocating for anti-war demonstrations in the country.

Russian People Are Opposed to Putin’s War

Last week, a Facebook video posted by a human rights activist expert, Marina Litvinovich, called for large demonstrations in Russia. In doing this, the human rights activist expert said the Russian people are opposed to the war waged by Putin.

“We, as Russian people, are strongly opposed to the war that Putin has initiated. We do not accept this war, since it is being undertaken on our behalf, not theirs,” Litvinovich said.

“I understand many of you are experiencing feelings of despair, helplessness, and guilt as a result of Vladimir Putin’s onslaught on the friendly country of Ukraine. However, I encourage you not to give up hope.”

She was apprehended soon after posting the video to Facebook, according to police.