Russians Almost Killed Ukraine’s Leader

(Snapshot from Zelenskyy's first and most important social media video in defiance of Putin's attack)

In the very early days of Putin’s hellish invasion of Ukraine, his brutes twice nearly succeeded at killing courageous Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy, he himself has revealed.

From Last Stand to Saving the Free World

Putin, an ex-KGB Russian gangster leader, plotted to have his shock-and-awe operation crush Ukraine in 72 hours at most. Capturing the capital Kyiv and decapitating the nation’s leadership was a huge part of Putin’s evil, but totally failed masterplan.

The latter was supposed to be achieved by either slaughtering Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, his wife, and his two underage children, or capturing them, forcing him to sign a capitulation, and parading him on Russian state TV as some kind of nasty criminal.

Speaking in an interview for Time magazine, as cited by The Daily Mail, Zelenskyy himself recalled how two Russian hit squads reached his bunker.

In the interview, he recounted how he, his wife, his 17-year-old daughter, and his 9-year-old son were “holed up” inside the presidential compound in Kyiv as Putin’s assassins were parachuted in.

The Ukrainian leader and his guards put together a last-ditch defense, as anyone who could carry an automatic weapon was given one, plus body armor, including the president’s civilian aides.

It was just a few hours after Ukrainian defenders managed to destroy the Russian paratroopers sent into Kyiv that Zelenskyy went into the street with some of his top advisers to declare they were all right and firmly standing their ground.

‘Absolute Madhouse’

The social media video that Zelenskyy managed to produce inspired the entire world.

It has become the first of many in which he not only stands up to Putin, the mass murderer and genocidal maniac, but completely defeats him on moral and even military grounds.

It was in the most harrowing of times that the Ukrainian leader rejected the pleas of his guards to escape from the presidential palace in Kyiv to a more secure bunker.

He then refused the bizarre invitations by the Biden administration and also the British government to get him out and send him to Eastern Poland where he would run a government in exile.

Had Zelenskyy accepted the latter offer, that would almost certainly have led to Ukraine’s collapse. Putin would have grabbed everything, but the Ukrainian leader’s scalp.

It was at the moment when Zelenskyy rejected the evacuation offers that he gave the world one of his most famous quotes ever, namely, that he needed “ammunition, not a ride.”

Zelenskyy said in the interview he didn’t flee Kyiv because he was aware the entire nation and the world were watching how he would react; he was “a symbol” and obliged to act like “the head of state,” leaving him no other choice.

Thanks to his heroic stand, more than two months later, Ukraine is not just surviving, but also beating back the Russian invaders.