Schumer Knows Defeat is Coming

"Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer" by Senate Democrats

It seems that Biden has yet to acknowledge the setbacks he’s made for the Democrat Party ever since he was signed into office.

This is despite others continuously pointing it out to him, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who isn’t too optimistic about the party’s future.

While the two were at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Schumer was heard telling Biden things are going downhill, referencing Pennsylvania candidate John Fetterman’s poor debate performance against Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Unlike Biden, Schumer seems to be aware of where the party’s headed

Biden could then be seen crossing his fingers and muttering something to himself, after he exchanged a few words with Schumer; although it remains unclear what he said at the time.

Immediately after hitting him with some cold, hard facts, Schumer went in for round two, updating the president on the current state of affairs in Georgia.

The latest averages taken out of polls show Republican Herschel Walker leading by 0.6 percentage points.

With less than two weeks on the clock, the GOP managed to take advantage in several swing states; the polls are showing contests continuously tightening in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and others.

Despite all the numbers pointing at it, Schumer still finds it hard to believe Georgians would opt for Herschel Walker, likely saying it in an attempt to calm the president down.

Swing states shift in favor of Republicans

Similarly, Arizona is also experiencing an overturn by Republicans. It managed to change the Senate race assessment from “Lean Democrat” to a toss-up in the last second, signaling a sweep from the GOP in the midterms.

Even though it’s not much, Republican candidate Blake Masters has taken a 0.1 percentage point lead over Senator Mark Kelly; the adjusted poll now lists Arizona as a GOP pick-up for the time being.

While each of these races will certainly be tight, the overall dedication of Republicans is bound to shine through, as Democrats did little to nothing to appease their rapidly declining voter body.

Nevada’s Republican Senate candidate Adam Laxalt is currently 0.5 percentage points up on the incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto, according to the Real Clear Politics polls.

This is quite the spectacular turn of events, considering Laxalt was down by two points at the start of October.

The Pennsylvania race is still in favor of Fetterman, but his embarrassing debate performance against his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, is bound to give the Republican the lead he needs to secure a win.

What we’re seeing could be the final, futile efforts of the Democrats to get back on track. Seeing as there are less than two weeks to do so, the clean sweep the GOP announced is becoming more of a reality with each passing day.