Sen. Marsha Blackburn Banned From Facebook For Defending Women’s Sports

"Marsha Blackburn" by Gage Skidmore

After her latest post regarding the inclusion of gender dysphoric males in female sports, Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn was “canceled” and banned by Facebook.

She wrote biological men have no place in women’s sports, adding a link to a fundraising website that helped backers donate to fighting against big tech censorship.

This is, ironically enough, exactly what was behind the post’s removal.

“Marsha Blackburn” by Gage Skidmore

Facebook censor bot proves left-wing bias

Namely, Blackburn’s post was flagged for hate speech, due to “violating community standards.” The disclaimer further denotes that due to the post’s “nature,” only she will be able to see it.

As expected, Zuckerberg’s woke propaganda device is working as intended, censoring Republican viewpoints while left radicals are allowed to roam free.

They can spout whatever nonsense they feel is necessary to be imposed on the young pliable minds that are their main target audience.

Fortunately, Blackburn’s resolve knows no bounds.

She vowed to remain vocal about her opinions on the matter, even if it means taking her voice to a different platform that won’t employ left-leaning bias toward anyone unwilling to obey.

Blackburn added that big tech is colluding with Democrats to transform the US into a lawless land run by radicals and mentally unstable figures, which the trans community has by the dozen.

Women’s sports plagued with impostors

The way Blackburn’s statement got caught by Facebook’s hate speech filter is still confusing.

However, experts believe it’s due to Facebook’s broad standards for what qualifies as hate speech, describing it as a “direct attack against people” with no further context or explanations.

With this in mind, the filter strictly prohibits excluding a certain demographic based on gender identity, religion, caste, ethnicity, and many more “protected characteristics” that would take days to even begin to explain in full detail.

Blackburn’s comment violated one of these standards. It was immediately flagged by a bot, but the fact still remains that she’s not wrong

The presence of biological men in female sports creates an unfair advantage and discord among the competitors, as a naturally stronger and faster competitor is introduced to the contest.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a gender-related issue without its own wave of controversy.

The topic of men in women’s sports has plagued politics over the past three years, rising to unnaturally high levels of prominence for a non-issue of the kind.

Namely, despite progressives and Democrats’ opinions that restricting these athletes from competing is discriminatory in nature, it’s nothing more than simply biology.

If they want to be allowed to compete, the best option would be the creation of a trans league, where all players would be considered equal; although the biological advantages will still be present.