Shooting in Staten Island Shows America’s Bad Mental Health Crisis

We hear a lot from the left about the danger of guns in America, but almost nothing about the psychological damage done during the COVID lockdowns.

This country is not well. Addiction, mental illness, serious depression, suicide, domestic violence, and law-breaking are at all-time highs.

The lockdowns didn’t just harm businesses and put people out of work, making them reliant on government benefits. For a lot of folks, they also exacerbated serious issues they were having and made them worse.

The latest disturbing scene comes out of Staten Island, New York; a paramedic and his team came under attack.

Distress Call at the Funkey Monkey Lounge…

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) responded to a distress call on Wednesday evening at a club in Staten Island called the Funkey Monkey Lounge.

Specifically, they got 911 emergency calls, saying a drunk man in the club had become aggressive. He was acting delusional and needed to be taken to the hospital.

Paramedics arrived in the early evening to pick up the individual and transport him to the hospital for evaluation. He was drunk and incoherent; they put him in the back of the ambulance and started out to get to the hospital.

However, after several minutes in the ambulance, the suspect took a .38 caliber handgun out of his pants and shot the EMT who was attending to him.

The young male EMT, only 25, was struck in the shoulder and fell down. The driver of the ambulance screeched on the brakes and stopped. This is where things got even crazier.

Suspect Flees

The EMT who had been shot in the shoulder was immediately rushed to the hospital; he was fortunately in stable condition and not fatally wounded.

As for the suspect: after shooting the young EMT, McCauley fled on foot as fast as he could. Police began approaching to find him, including a retired NYPD officer and someone who worked for the local sanitation crew in Staten Island.

They wanted to stop this dangerous, drunk, and armed individual who shot an EMT for no apparent reason.

They eventually tracked him down where he was subdued and arrested. Charges are now pending against this violent and disturbed young man, but it remains to be seen how many will stick.

This is especially the case since he was already known to police, due to a history of being emotionally disturbed. They’d gotten calls about him before.

Knowing New York’s lax criminal justice system for repeat offenders and those who have a victim story, he’ll likely be out on the streets in no time.

The Bottom Line

As I wrote, America is in the grips of a very serious mental health crisis. This, combined with rising crime numbers, should worry every law-abiding citizen.

The Biden regime doesn’t have any plans to seriously address it. Biden is only providing us with rising prices and woke ideology.