Six Additional Schools in NYC Turned Into Shelters For Illegals

After NYC Mayor Eric Adams decided to move dozens of illegal immigrants into the city’s suburban areas, the city’s authorities continued his work, transforming six more schools into temporary shelters for illegal immigrants.

To no one’s surprise, this made all hell break loose when the parents found out. One PTA member, Virginia Vu, claimed the idea of busing people to schools and expecting everyone to accept it is insane.

The Big Apple is rotting

In fact, several parents already made threats that they’ll be pulling their children out of 6th through 8th grade school in New York. The city’s education system is bound to take a hit as people slowly move out of the hellhole that New York had become.

Vu also added while she and the rest of the PTA members absolutely value the importance of providing shelter for asylum seekers, she believes better solutions are most certainly available.

Earlier this week, authorities already set up tents in two of the schools planned for this program, which just happened to be on the same day as the finishing touches were placed on the new migrant site.

As it turns out, the whole thing started when Coney Island school PS 188 began housing migrants in their gym. This has now been transformed into an emergency response site for migrants bused into the city.

Illegal aliens don’t mix well with children

What this means is NYC kids will practically be trapped inside, regardless of the weather. The school’s gym connects to the outdoor background; unless we’d want kids mixing with migrants, that’s off-limits for the foreseeable future.

On top of this, any other after-school outdoor activities have also been axed. With a generation of kids that just lived through the COVID-19 lockdowns, that sort of news is devastating.

Other parents have even argued the introduction of migrants to an environment so close to children is a security issue, as well.

Seeing as parents have to provide ID to even enter school grounds, it feels somewhat unfair to have a bunch of unidentified illegals walking around in the schoolyard.

That being said, the school principal seems to be in cahoots with the city’s mayor. She claimed housing immigrants on school grounds would have minimal impacts on school property and the flow of classes.

Unfortunately, that’s probably the least convincing thing that ever came out of Maria Massullo’s mouth.

Several parents already decided to move their kids to a different school, which could easily become yet another shelter for the thousands of migrants in New York’s streets.