“Spiritual Leader” Announces Presidential Run!

Self-described spiritual leader Marianne Williamson has just announced her run in the Democratic primary election, making it her second presidential bid so far.

This essentially makes her the first Democrat to run in the primary, as even Biden hasn’t announced his run yet; although he is expected to make a re-election announcement any time now.

Look what the cat’s dragged in

In an exclusive interview, Williamson went on about the spiritual garbage she keeps pushing. She believes her run could potentially contribute to an improvement in the overall sensibility among the American people, even adding she feels she could be America’s greatest hope at this time.

However, no one’s expecting a lot from her, seeing as she received less than 1% support before dropping out of the 2020 primary.

In the same interview, she added she’ll be making an important announcement on March 4th, which, at least according to her, could be a turning point in American history.

That’s a lot of smoke coming from someone who’s barely managed to stay relevant in the past couple of years, especially considering the approach she’s going with.

Williamson stated her run would signal an end to the corruption that’s been growing in America; it would be followed by a battle for the health, safety, and overall well-being of the American people, as well as the entire planet.

In an attempt to gain at least someone’s attention, she quoted the famed “of the people, by the people, and for the people” saying from Lincoln.

Anyone but sleepy Joe

Thing is, Williamson probably won’t stand a chance even in the primaries. The Democrats are bound to push forward a much more competitive candidate, one that isn’t Biden himself hopefully.

Additionally, even then, the Democrats’ candidates would have their work cut out for them, seeing as the GOP already has three promising candidates that announced their presidential bids, those being Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy.

On top of this, there’s the highly expected presidential bid announcement from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s quickly becoming a favorite among the conservative crowd due to his overwhelming success in the primaries, as well as the work he’s done in his own state.

That being said, anyone other than Biden is a solid pick for the Democrats, especially after we’ve all seen exactly how capable he is in the White House.

The destruction of our traditional values is certainly not something that would boost his already embarrassing popularity vote and the numbers speak for themselves.

Despite his “inclusive” policies, a growing number of minority group members are shifting towards the conservative side of the political sphere. The Democrats may just have to throw someone else in just to counter Joe’s run.