The Fetterman Saga and Mainstream Media Coverage

The situation surrounding Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman has become increasingly bizarre and concerning.

Fetterman has been staying at Walter Reed hospital for several weeks, due to severe depression following another hospitalization for light-headedness. The root cause of these health issues can be traced back to a massive stroke that Fetterman suffered in mid-2022.

Defended By Mainstream Media

Despite the apparent decline in Fetterman’s health, talk of him resigning has been dismissed as ableism by some individuals.

However, the idea of a senator unable to perform their duties, due to severe health issues, should raise questions about their ability to serve their constituents effectively.

Fetterman’s staff attempted to maintain the impression that he is still working while confined to Walter Reed, but it is uncertain how effective his contributions are in his current state.

The manner in which the media has covered the events surrounding Fetterman’s case has also been criticized. Several people have made the observation that if Fetterman were a Republican, the media would definitely be demanding he step down from his position.

On the other hand, the fact that Fetterman is a Democrat makes it appear as though the media is conspiring for him in order to shield him from scrutiny and criticism.

For instance, the New York Times made an attempt to defend Fetterman by claiming it is common practice for a senator to co-sponsor legislation without their knowledge.

This is a problematic argument for a senator who is unable to carry out the responsibilities of his office or even hold a conversation.

Moreover, the whole notion of Senate staff acting as proxies for their bosses is not only absurd, but also raises concerns about the effectiveness and legitimacy of the Senate’s democratic processes.

A senator’s job is to represent their constituents and make decisions that align with their interests. How can a staff member do that effectively without the senator’s input or awareness?

Gisele Fetterman

Another concerning aspect of this situation is the behavior of Fetterman’s wife, Gisele. When Fetterman was first hospitalized, Gisele left for Canada and posted social media content that did not mention her husband.

Now, she is reportedly fighting fires in Pennsylvania and People Magazine has given her positive coverage.

However, it is unclear why she is behaving in such a way or how it relates to Fetterman’s current state. The fact that she only visits him once a week, according to reports, is also troubling and raises questions about their relationship and communication.

Overall, the situation surrounding John Fetterman is complex. It raises important questions about the effectiveness and legitimacy of the democratic processes in the US Senate.

It also highlights the media’s biases and the need for more objective reporting that holds politicians accountable, regardless of their political affiliation.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.