The Left Defends Damaging Hormone Procedures on Mentally Ill Minors!

"Male and female signs made of medical pills" by Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Google’s statistics have shown that searches related to the treatment of people diagnosed with gender dysphoria are growing in popularity.

The catalyst likely is a recent legislative change in Alabama, which aims to restrict access to puberty blockers and hormones for transgender minors.

This idea is further supported by the fact that searches containing the term “gender-affirming care,” were often paired with the words “Alabama,” “family,” and “youth.”

“Stop Gender” by Lukas Plewnia

“Gender-affirming care“ Google searches are trending

Another interesting thing to note is the majority of the searches were made by users with addresses in either California or Texas

This is signaling a significant amount of backlash from the left-leaning crowd is underway.

With the measure signed into law last month by Republican Governor Kay Ivey, doctors in Alabama providing the questionable drugs called puberty blockers and hormone therapies could be facing felony charges, escalating up to ten years in prison.

The measure has been in effect for less than a week.

It’s already been challenged in a number of lawsuits, with no clear indication whether District Judge Liles Burke will pause the law’s enforcement, amid the fallout.

However, anyone with a hint of morality can tell exactly why the measure was put into place. Gender dysphoria has been classified as a mental illness for decades.

Providing diagnosed patients with drugs that cause irreversible changes to a minor’s body just isn’t right on so many levels.

Texas Republicans against child abuse

Conservatives of Texas have a history of anti-gender-affirmation rallies.

Attorney General Ken Paxton equates some gender-affirmation treatments on minors to child abuse, under his interpretation of the state’s law.

Soon thereafter, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered a series of child abuse investigations into the parents and/or caretakers of transgender youth, assuring there would be criminal penalties if foul play is discovered.

Unfortunately, the investigations were blocked by a Texas judge in the next month, prompting a statewide injunction, which has been appealed by Paxton a number of times.

Every coin has its flip side though.

California’s Democrat Senator Scott Wiener banded together with the LGBT Victory Institute, Equality California, and Planned Parenthood in an effort to peddle “trans refuge” bills, which would shield families and minors penalized for seeking the procedure.

Wiener claims the legislative change in Alabama is sidelining “trans kids” and using them as political pawns.

However, it’s highly likely the exact opposite is true, especially as LGBT activists remain adamant in their attempts to shove trans-identity ideology down the throats of elementary and middle-school children.

Fortunately, the Alabama bill isn’t an isolated one. There are an estimated 30 other bills aiming to either restrict or ban puberty blockers and hormone therapy for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria across the US.