The Left is Blowing the Gun Deaths Statistic Out of Proportion!

Every time you hear the left calling for additional gun control, you’re probably thinking about where they’re getting the numbers from to justify their claims.

Well, as it turns out, their sources were heavily blown out of proportion. One professor from the Rutgers School of Public Health explained that anywhere between 60% and 65% of all gun deaths were related to suicide.

Majority of gun deaths found to be linked to suicides

In 2020 alone, we saw 66 gun suicides every day, which accounts for more dead people than the most gruesome mass shooting in US history.

Unfortunately, these statistics just don’t make the news because they don’t want you to see them and because we’re all insignificant to them. If it’s a celebrity you’ll hear about it, as for the rest, it’s almost as if no one cares.

Breitbart News went over the fact that those in support of gun control tend to abuse these statistics to inflate the gun violence numbers, which are clearly outnumbered by the incredible amount of suicides that happen every day.

In 2015, Hillary Clinton released an ad for her upcoming campaign, promoting gun control, in which she lumped together homicides with gun suicides, increasing the “gun violence” numbers by approximately 66%.

The figures she used dated back to 2013 when there were around 11,700 recorded gun homicides in the US, but by combining it with suicides, Hillary claimed “32,800 Americans get killed by guns every year,” which would translate to around 90 persons every single day.

We don’t need gun control, we need suicide control

In fact, if you look deeper into the statistics, you may also find that traffic accident-related deaths also outnumber the number of people killed in firearm shootouts, at least in 2020.

That same year, Mike Bloomberg pulled the same stunt Hillary did five years prior, claiming that 100 Americans get killed by guns every day. This is technically not a lie, but it’s also withholding crucial information about who wielded the weapon when the person was killed.

No matter how much gun control is introduced, it will do little to bring down the number of suicides that happen every day. Once we take those out of the picture, we’ve got an entirely different story on our hands.

Japan is one good example of how gun control has no effect on suicide rates. The country has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the entire world; yet, the US suicide rate pales in comparison to theirs.

With this in mind, and accounting for the fact that the majority of gun homicides are committed with illegally purchased firearms, to begin with, it’s not hard to understand why additional gun control wouldn’t change a damn thing.

We’re dealing with a suicide problem, not a gun problem here. It’d be for the best if the left would drop their agenda for one second just to look at all the people they’re letting down for the sake of remaining in power.