The Secret Service Has Been Infiltrated!

A new report has revealed that two men were arrested in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

They were reportedly acting as federal investigators with the DHS during their 1.5-year-long stay in a luxury apartment complex. They could face conspiracy charges after attempting to snuggle up to Secret Service personnel.

Haider Sher-Ali, 35, and Arian Taherzadeh, 40, were trying to conduct an operation in which they pretended to be agents with Homeland Security Investigations.

They were also tricking a premium DC apartment complex and its high-profile dwellers, as well as appearing to persuade the Metro Police Department that they worked for the government.

Their location was less than a mile out from the Capitol and three miles from the White House.


More on the Shocking Story

It is claimed in the affidavit that Taherzadeh and Ali were successful in their efforts to gain the trust of Secret Service agents.

At least two of them reportedly received rent-free accommodations in penthouses and numerous luxury apartments, as well as high-end equipment and law enforcement equipment.

The free rent in multiple units — estimated at a total of $40,000 annually for only one of the apartments – appears to have been paid for entirely out of pocket by the developer.

A former member of the apartment complex, who worked at the property since the beginning of Taherzadeh’s rental agreement, stated none of the units had been paid for at any point throughout the time period under consideration.

It was discovered during Ali’s arraignment on Thursday evening that he may have had ties to the Pakistani Intelligence Service. Taherzadeh will be held until his custody hearing on Friday at 3:30 p.m.

More Details

According to authorities, during the search on Wednesday, visa passports from Pakistan and Iram were discovered; it is likely that a federal charge would be filed against the suspects.

Per a Magistrate judge, probable offenses include the possession and the use of a firearm, as well as the destruction of relevant evidence after becoming aware an inquiry was ongoing.

According to sources, Taherzadeh’s team was equipped with a Glock 19.9mm with large magazines, a full auto suppressed M4-style firearm, an AR pistol, as well as a Sig Sauer handgun, all of which were kept on hand.

He also demonstrated other training weapons to the residents, including an airsoft gun that was used to ‘test’ so-called recruits for their reaction time and pain tolerance.

In addition to the binder containing information on inhabitants of Crossing DC, there were several additional items discovered.

Ali and Taherzadeh spent months entertaining government contract workers and cooking them filet mignon and salmon, in order to gain acceptance into the inner circle.

After receiving a call from a neighboring apartment building alleging the presence of firearms in Taherzadeh’s three-bedroom corner flat through an apartment window in January 2021, Metro Police conducted a search of the residence.