The World Has Gone Crazy: Babylon Bee Satire Becomes Real Life

According to the CEO of the nation’s biggest right-leaning satirical site, Babylon Bee, approximately 100 joke punchlines have become predictions after the events ultimately transpired. Does this remind anyone else of the Simpsons?

Satire Becomes Reality

The issue isn’t really that Seth Dillon’s comedy is too accurate, as he said; it’s that reality is just too similar to comedy, so the jokes keep becoming a reality.

The Bee keeps a constant record of its satire headlines that later developed into true stories, or at minimum, partly real ones. The fulfilled prophesies cover a broad spectrum of topics and contain humor about both Republicans and Democrats.

After they’ve tracked approximately 100 gags, there is a database of them. Instead of being jokes, they came true like prophecies. This is according to Dillon.

‘Kamala Harris is receiving Charisma Lessons From Hillary Clinton,’ according to a July 2021 story in The Bee.

Axios claimed a couple of weeks later, a senior Clinton aide convened a supper with well-known Democratic women, namely Clinton’s former spokesperson, to strategize how to protect Vice President Kamala Harris from negative news.

Who would study Hillary Clinton’s likability techniques, Dillon had inquired in his satire. Then, a couple of weeks later, there was a true account of how Harris’ employees contacted Hillary’s staff to improve her popularity.

According to Dillon, they even produced one that made headlines about Trump’s assertion that he accomplished more for Christianity than Christ himself.

According to then-President Trump in an interview from 2021, nobody has accomplished more for Christians, evangelicals, or religion as a whole than he has.

This is Crazy

‘Trump: “I Have Accomplished More For Religion Than Jesus,”‘ a 2019 story in the Bee, was fact-checked and found to be inaccurate, according to Dillon.

Dillon told Fox News, that two years later, it actually happened. Trump even said he had done more than any other person in history.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.