Top Staffer of Kamala Harris Quits as the Crisis in Her Office Worsens

Vice President Kamala Harris was supposed to be the great hope of the Democrat Party. As a woman of color with all the correct, far-left positions for their party, this woman was supposed to be future presidential material.

Biographies were churned out; magazine covers were lovingly made by the liberal media and interviews were set up to make Harris look like a brilliant and wonderful individual.

There’s just one problem: Harris isn’t a brilliant and wonderful individual.

She’s an egotistical bully who clashes with almost everyone she meets and whose own staff are quitting on her in such high numbers she can barely replace them. The latest to quit is Vincent Evans.

Why Did Evans Quit?

Evans is in charge of engaging with the public on Harris’ behalf and made a big splash when he came onboard. He’s a smart and dedicated guy.

However, even he couldn’t make people like Harris happy. Evans announced he’s leaving to take a job with the Congressional Black Caucus. The new position sounds promising, but keep in mind that Evans was working for the vice president of the United States.

You don’t leave a job like that because you’re just a bit restless. You leave because there are real problems going on.

An avalanche of people have left Harris’ office, including one staffer who said the vice president is a “soul-destroying,” awful “bully” who’s impossible to work for.

Evans claims he’s not leaving over any problems that occurred, but just to pursue his ambitions and interests.

However, that’s very hard to believe when you look at the long list of complaints about Harris, including from her former chief staffer Symone Sanders, who left a month ago.

Exodus of the People

Sanders quit last month, saying there was no particular reason. Communication head Ashley Etienne, who was a key part of Harris’ team, also left a month ago. The head press officer for Harris, Peter Velz, likewise hit the road a month ago.

Is this all really nothing out of the ordinary? Harris’ office has said there’s nothing to worry about and these folks are just heading for other opportunities. They’ve been quick to echo that.

However, the anonymous reports from other staffers who quit paint a far different picture. There are also credible reports that Harris even fights quite often with Joe Biden himself.

She did call him a hate-filled and ignorant racist during her campaign, so there’s got to be at least a bit of tension there. Wouldn’t you say?

The Bottom Line

Nobody wants to work for Harris. She’s clearly a bully who blames others for her failures. She should take a long hard look in the mirror and then resign.

The rest of us have had more than enough of her. She can go write a biography like Michelle Obama, except instead of calling it “Becoming,” Harris can call her bio “Disappearing.”

We’ll all give it five stars.