“Trans Buddy” Program Begins Policing “Bigoted” Doctors Against Transitioning Children

"Students Protest Anti-Trans Law" by Phil Roeder

Medical science may be taking a drastic turn in the near future, as the LGBTQ+ community has now demanded every doctor’s office in America be supervised by a team of “trained” individuals who would make sure basic biology and anatomy aren’t in use.

The Vanderbilt Pediatrics Transgender Clinic will be among the first to adopt this so-called “Trans Buddy” system, which will insert these monitors into every “bigoted” doctor’s office.

“Transgender Pride flag” by Quinn Dombrowski

Left goes out of its way to make sure doctors are “transitioning” children properly

The practice of “transitioning children” is gaining dangerous amounts of popularity in the US; there seem to be a dozen of these trans toddlers popping up on social media every now and then. Frankly, it’s disgusting.

The program essentially allows outsiders from the local trans community to attend doctor’s appointments with trans patients, making sure the doctor’s actions are all in the patient’s “best interest” and there’s no “unsafe” behavior, such as misgendering.

Further explained by a trans male from the clinic, “Trans Buddies” will be out there policing the use of pronouns around trans persons visiting the clinic.

That’s regardless of whether they’ve got an appointment regarding their gender dysphoria or just a minor injury completely unrelated to gender.

Soon thereafter, another person from the program pops into the video presentation, explaining her job is to make sure all hospital staff is adhering to the gender identity narrative.

A line has to be drawn

Despite all of this unnecessary nonsense that’s set to take American hospitals by storm, the media still continues to push the idea that transgender persons from colored communities are discriminated against, even though the exact opposite is true.

Between “white supremacy” and “transphobia”, being a cis white person in the US is a living hell, especially if you’re surrounded by the “woke” mob tracking your every move, waiting for you to slip up and get canceled faster than a queer-centric show on Netflix.

The Center for American Progress, also known as the “liberal think tank” pulled up some rather questionable data, claiming 50% of trans individuals get mistreated at the hands of a provider. “Mistreatment” is a very loosely defined word at this point.

If we go by this, every second trans person who’s been to the hospital has been hate-crimed by the “bigoted” hospital staff who failed to properly assume their pronouns.

Paving the way for “wokeness”, California is among the top offenders on the list of nonsensical laws, including one that illegalized “deadnaming,” which equalized using a patient’s given name to abuse, no less.

In the end, though, no amount of pandering will ever appease the “woke” or the LGBTQ+ crowd. We can only hope they’ll eventually decide to stop at “transitioning” kids before they try normalizing pedophilia and incest in our society.