Trudeau’s Foundation Busted For Accepting Huge Money From Communist China

Canada’s left-wing leader Justin Trudeau became famous during COVID for cheerleading the most intense lockdowns and vaccine mandates possible.

This liberal fascist pretty boy has no line he won’t cross. He even trampled the elderly and disabled while breaking up the Freedom Trucker protests.

Now, the Trudeau Foundation, named after Justin’s late father and former leader of Canada Pierre Trudeau, is in deep trouble.

They have faced multiple resignations by staff who say the organization took $148,000 given by a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) affiliated man named Zhang Bin.

Trudeau Foundation Responds

Officially, the Trudeau Foundation responded to the mass resignations of its staff, due to a hostile “political climate.” They claim conservatives and non-Trudeau fans are making the staffers uncomfortable.

The truth is now coming out that those people quit after finding out the money was never given back to Zhang Bin. Justin Trudeau, for his part, said the accusations are just a plot from conservatives who are trying to stop the charity work the Trudeau Foundation does.

The Trudeau Foundation mainly pays scholarships for left-wing people to attend university and be indoctrinated.

Trudeau Denies All Ties

Saying he has “no intersection” with the foundation, Trudeau himself nonetheless blamed conservatives for everything that’s happening. Considering that China directly tried to meddle in Canada’s 2019 and 2020 elections, this definitely involves him.

Someone from the Trudeau Foundation was who Trudeau put in charge of looking into Chinese election interference. This is a foundation taking huge payments from CCP-linked individuals!

You really can’t make this stuff up. The level of hypocrisy and wrongdoing is simply off the charts. If conservatives were caught red-handed like this, we’d have multiple criminal investigations already ongoing.

Though since Trudeau is a liberal, we get shovelfuls of bland state propaganda and ridiculous denials and are just supposed to accept it?

The Bottom Line

This isn’t random.

China is sending huge money to people like Trudeau and the US Democrat Party because they know these organizations will go easy on them and allow the CCP to continue spreading its tentacles deeper into the free world.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.