Trump Exposes the FBI During His Rally in Arizona

President Trump, in his very first rally of the new year, looked electrifying in front of a huge crowd in Florence, Arizona.

The 45th president of the United States wasn’t short of words during his trip to Arizona. He spoke about several talking points, which included forced vaccine mandates, 2020 election fraud, the Biden administration’s disastrous approach to COVID-19, etc.

Trump also talked about foreign policy and, interestingly enough, he exposed the FBI.

After talking about the topics of election fraud and calling out Biden for his incompetence, Trump changed his tone and asked the crowd what really happened on January 6th.

Trump would then answer his own question; he went on to state the FBI sent several informants to the Capitol on January 6th.

He then wasted no time and called out Ray Epps, saying, ‘why hasn’t anything happened to Epps?’

Ray Epps was seen in Twitter videos, inciting a crowd of Trump supporters to trespass into the Capitol building on January 6th. With discernment, Trump supporters knew it was a trap and started to chant “FED FED FED” to Epps.

After talking about Epps, Trump then raised the concern for some of his supporters who are behind bars for trespassing into a federal building.

Trump’s concerns came after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed out most January 6th rioters are being treated very badly in federal prison. Some have no chance of bail, which is a major constitutional violation.

Trump Wasn’t the Only Speaker with the Crowd’s Full Attention

Trump wasn’t the only one to captivate the crowd’s attention; before Trump took the stage at 7:15 pm (MST), the CEO of MyPillow took the stage and fired up the crowd too.

As Lindell took the stage, he notified the crowd that OANN was dropped by DirecTV. Lindell then dialed in on the topic of fake news; he talked about some networks that are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

One of those networks Lindell called out was Fox News, which for the last several decades has been conservatives’ main source of news. Lindell called out Fox News for being silent and scared to report on any election fraud.

Lindell does have a point after being sued by Dominion Voting Machines last year. Meanwhile, Fox News has not reported any breaking claims of election fraud.

Before taking the stage, Lindell was going through a lot. He just found out he was debanked by Minnesota Bank and Trust and its affiliates for possibly damaging the bank’s reputation.

The year is 2022 and banks are literally dropping clients for their opinions and political views. If it can happen to Lindell, and it has, in some cases, already happened to Trump, then it can happen to you and me too.