Trump Officially Denounces Mike Pence

President Trump has basically ruled out the possibility of selecting ex-VP Mike Pence as his vice-presidential candidate if he decides to run for the White House in 2024.

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The former president mentioned tensions emanating from the wake of the 2020 presidential election. In doing this, Trump was all but essentially stating that their disagreements are too great to resolve in a single election cycle.

When President Biden’s Electoral College win was certified by Congress, Trump claimed the election had been stolen. He then demanded Vice President Mike Pence reverse the results.

Vice President Pence, who was presiding in his official position as Senate president over the certification processes, declined, stating the Constitution did not provide him such power.

Trump, on the other hand, maintains his position. As evidence, he cited bipartisan discussions on Capitol Hill to reform the Electoral Count Act.

This governs the congressional certification of Electoral College results. Trump claimed his vice president could also have thrown out votes in the Electoral College from varying states.

From here, the former president believes Pence had the legal powers to facilitate the Trump-Pence ticket winning a second term.

However, while still calling Pence “a genuinely good guy,” former President Trump hinted their friendship could be irreparably damaged.

More on the Frosty Relationship Between Trump and Pence

A year after the Trump administration was replaced by the Biden administration, the two former leading candidates remain at odds with one another on a series of different political issues.

A presidential run in 2024 is being considered by former Vice President Mike Pence. As a result of Trump’s election, he has made it clear he will not immediately step down.

The former vice president has also escalated attempts to prove his autonomy from the former president.

Earlier this year, Pence was asked about Trump’s assertion that the vice president has the constitutional authority to overturn the outcome of a presidential election.

To this end, Pence told a group of conservative attorneys that Trump is “completely incorrect.” A speech to Republican fundraisers delivered by Pence in March took aim at Trump as well.

The vice president likewise told party financiers attending a Republican National Committee donor conference that “apologists for Putin have no place in our party.” Later, Pence remarked that future battles can’t be won by consistently relitigating old fights.

Trump told the Washington Examiner that he was “shocked” when Russian leader Putin attacked Ukraine and, “he’s very much altered.”

Trump has often lauded Vladimir Putin’s geopolitical abilities, but has been reluctant to criticize him publicly.

Meanwhile, Trump tried to argue that shifting the Republican Party’s attention to the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election would be a political mistake.

Trump seems to believe that resolving what occurred in the 2020 election is the most important thing to Republican primary voters in the United States.