Trump Predicts Taiwan Will be Attacked by China

President Trump warned Taiwan could be “next” in a potential invasion during another exclusive appearance on “Mornings with Maria” on Wednesday.

Trump cited the Russia-Ukraine conflict as a possible factor in China’s escalating aggression toward the region.

Trump was asked by Fox Business host Chris Wallace if he expects Taiwan to attack sooner, instead of later. According to the former president, he does hold this expectation “because these countries will be seeing how foolishly the U.S. is being managed right now.”

“They know that our politicians are incompetent, and they’re going to take advantage of that. This is their moment, so enjoy it,” Trump issued in a very critical warning.

Delegates Traveled to Taiwan

A delegate from the United States arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday, amid mounting concerns about a Chinese invasion.

During his two-day visit to Taiwan, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mike Mullen met up with Tsai Ing-wen and other leaders to express his support for the country.

Meanwhile, former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Taiwan on Wednesday. During Pompeo’s visit, he will meet with President Tsai, in addition to making a speech at a conference.

Former President Trump appeared on ‘Mornings with Maria’ for a wide-ranging interview in which he discussed President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech.

Trump also went into very explicit details as it pertains to the president’s declining approval numbers, taxes that will ‘kill the economy,’ and criminals ‘pouring in’ at the opening video of the show.

Trump’s reaction to Biden’s State of the Union address: “Our country is going to hell.”

Trump Makes a Warning

Trump warned China is closely monitoring the Russia-Ukraine situation and President Biden’s management of the crisis may give President Xi Jinping the confidence to move on Taiwan.

“In addition to being a guy of outstanding intelligence, President Xi is taking a close look at what has happened in Afghanistan.”

“He was aware of the manner in which we left Afghanistan. He recognizes that American citizens have been left behind – and are still attempting to escape. He believes this is his moment to do what he wishes,” Trump shared with Bartiromo.

If China was to invade Taiwan, now would be the time to do it. This is because with Biden in charge, no democracy is safe. Sadly, the United States has turned into a nation that watches human rights violations.

On Thursday, Taiwan’s internet and electric was mysteriously shut off which led many to believe that China was behind the power outage. However all rumours were cleared, after report by BBC declared an accident at a power compamy was the reason behind mass blackouts in Northen Taiwan and China had no hand in it.