Trump Rakes in $20 Million from His Hit ‘Captions’ Book

President Trump’s continuing popularity with the American people has manifested in numerous ways; one of them appears to be his book consisting only of photos and captions.

It made a whopping $20 million in less than two months.

An ‘Unexpected’ Big Hit

Trump’s “Our Journey Together” is a $75 coffee book that contains a collection of photos from his time as president with the captions written by himself.

The book has been described as a break from the “tradition” in which ex-presidents publish memoirs with hundreds of pages about their time in the White House.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, citing inside sources, Trump got an advanced payment of millions of dollars from the publisher even before the book started to sell.

The first print of “Our Journey Together” had 200,000 copies, but all of them sold in less than six weeks, according to a CNN report.

Trump’s book is now available on with an unsigned copy selling for $75, while a copy signed by Trump costs $230.

The success of “Our Journey Together” is believed to be due to the “unique messages” from President Trump’s captions.

‘Crazy Nancy’ and Other Shenanigans

The report contains several pages from the book, showing photographs from Trump’s presidency with his brief, but hard-hitting comments.

For instance, Trump’s caption on a photo of him in the Oval Office together with then-Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi emphasizes his “natural disagreement” with “Crazy Nancy”.

Another caption of a Pelosi photo reaffirms his choice of the “Crazy Nancy” nickname as she “was screaming and shaking.” “She’s f—king crazy”, Trump concludes in his caption.

A photo of Trump meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping bears a caption in which Trump explains his Chinese counterpart “understood” America had to toughen up on China.

As he captioned another photo of him with several political figures, including former German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Trump’s own former National Security Adviser John Bolton, Trump calls the latter “dumb as a rock”.

Trump even touted all the aid he gave to the state of New York in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Winning Team Publishing was founded by Gor with the aid of President Trump’s eldest child, Donald Trump Jr.

While the already highly successful “Our Journey Together” is the only book the publisher has released so far, Gor said the company attracted the interest of major conservative figures. He also revealed another Trump book is in the making.

The launching of Winning Team Publishing defied establishment book publishers who were predicting it would be very hard for Trump to find a publisher because of the January 6 events and his continuing doubts about the fairness of the 2020 presidential election.