Trump Says There’s a War on Women

While speaking at a campaign rally in Selma, North Carolina, President Trump urged for a stop to the “radical war on women.”

He then compared the teaching of “far-left gender ideologies” to child abuse.

During his speech in Selma, Trump expressed his desire for Republicans to regain control of Congress in 2022 and prohibit the debate of radical left gender theories in school.

Trump stated he believes a Republican-controlled Congress should fight for parenthood and parental choice.

He would go on to say no teacher should ever be permitted to impart far-left gender ideas to our kids without the explicit approval of their parents or guardians. It is, without a doubt, child abuse.

Trump was Quoted as Saying the Following

‘Our government-run system of education has completely lost the faith of American parents, and I mean that in the strongest possible terms.’

The Parental Rights in Education legislation enacted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last week was not particularly mentioned by Trump in his speech.

The law prohibits teachers from instructing about sexuality, gender identity, and sexual preference in the classroom in a way that is “not kid-friendly.”

Tensions have erupted between Republican lawmakers in the state and Disney, which has spoken out against the measure after its workers at theme parks and theaters staged walkouts in protest of the company’s lack of response.

Because of the open-ended wording in the Florida law, which also prohibits “discourse” on LGBTQ matters, critics argue children would be less likely to confide in their instructors if they felt unsafe, due to their identity.

Republicans argue it is vital to limit discussions on sensitive issues inside the confines of the family.

Because of Florida’s legislation, there have been increased tensions between the state’s Republican lawmakers and Disney, a firm that experienced years of support and independence from the state’s legislature.

Trump Changes Direction

Trump then turned his attention to the Biden regime’s budget, which he claims incorporates elements of both race and gender ideologies that must be eliminated by Republicans.

In the last year alone, the Biden cabinet delivered to Congress a budget stuffed with billions of dollars worth of transgender identity and so-called fairness measures that are nothing but state-sponsored racism.

When asked about men partaking in women’s sports, Trump responded by citing nonspecific swimming and weightlifting records.

He even went so far as to suggest that, were Biden to be an athletic director for a women’s sports team, his squad would be made up entirely of transgender women.

As part of his campaign rally, Trump announced that he was endorsing Dr. Mehmet Oz, a television surgeon, in the tense race to become the party nominee for a seat in the United States Senate in Pennsylvania.