Trump Silences Rumors of Rift with DeSantis

President Trump has silenced all rumors and announced he has a good relationship with the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.
Trump’s statements come several days after Axios and several other left-leaning outlets claimed Trump is no fan of Gov. DeSantis.

The Axios report, which didn’t name specifically where their “sources” came from, claimed someone within Trump’s team told them Trump openly called DeSantis a dull boring man.

The outlet also claimed Trump believes DeSantis will attempt to run against him in the 2024 presidential election.

Trump’s Full Statement

Trump debunked the liberal news outlets by saying DeSantis and himself are on good terms. He went on to state how he previously endorsed DeSantis and through his endorsement, DeSantis’ popularity grew overnight.

There have been many rumors that DeSantis will either run for the presidency or be Trump’s vice president. As of right now, DeSantis is focusing on governing the state of Florida and caring for his wife, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

The rumors about Trump’s disapproval of DeSantis are just another hit piece attempting to split the Republican Party even more.

DeSantis has done an incredible job in the state of Florida and even has Democrat lawmakers flying in from blue states to get a taste of freedom in Florida.

Trump Gives His Support to McCarthy

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also received support from Trump. Trump’s most recent comments suggested McCarthy has his support. Later on, the former president even went on to say he works very well with McCarthy.

Trump didn’t praise everyone, though. In his latest press releases, he openly slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, for making millions of dollars trading stock while Nancy has been in Congress.

Trump alleged that Pelosi and other lawmakers in Congress are participating in what is called insider stock trading. Trump’s claim isn’t too outrageous, considering Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought a million dollars worth of Tesla stock.

This took place just a week before Joe Biden signed a deal with Tesla to make electric vehicles for the federal government.

Trump would go on to say that members of Congress shouldn’t be able to trade stocks because then, they will be more susceptible to bowing down to corporations when passing laws.

The 45th president would go on to say that Pelosi will not get members of Congress to stop trading stocks because that’s how she makes her money. Also, even if she wasn’t trading stocks, she would be too busy on impeachment trials.

Lawmakers, of course, disagree with Trump. However, the democracy of America would be a better fit without compromised lawmakers making decisions based on their stock holdings, rather than what’s best for America.