Trump Sues Hillary Clinton!

According to the former president, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee orchestrated an “unthinkable plan” in 2016 to defame him and his team as being in cahoots with Russian authorities.

Trump’s legal complaint, which seeks $24 million, was filed on Thursday in federal court in New York.

In the lawsuit, Trump argues the intention was to create controversy in order to “cripple” his presidential campaign.

His 108-page lawsuit claims that “Hillary Clinton and her associates organized an inconceivable conspiracy — one that shakes the conscience and is an insult to our nation’s democracy” in the run-up to the 2016 US election.

When acting together, the defendants deliberately colluded to create the impression that their Republican rival, Donald J. Trump, was collaborating with a hostile foreign nation.

The 45th president claims the strategy devised by Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, and many others falsified evidence.

He saids the strategy also hoodwinked law enforcement and took advantage to “access to highly-sensitive data sources.” It was “so ridiculous, subversive, and incendiary that even the occurrences of Watergate pale in comparison.”

According to the statement, Clinton and the Democrats attempted to “sway the public’s faith” under the pretense of opponent research and data analytics, an apparent connection to the extremely disputed Christopher Steele dossier.

“They came together with a singular, self-serving goal in mind: to delegitimize President Donald J. Trump.”

Rather, the suit claims, “their wide-ranging conspiracy was designed to cripple Trump’s presidential campaign by creating false a controversy that would be used to trigger a baseless FBI investigation and activate a media frenzy.”

The case was filed nearly six years after Trump’s election victory over Clinton.

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A top-level official at the Clinton camp and the Democratic National Committee — including ‘the candidate’ herself — devised, organized, and executed the plot, the lawsuit alleges.

“She sought to disguise her participation behind a wall of third parties,” according to the claim.

The Justice Department, the Workplace of the Inspector General, the four FISA applications, and “Crossfire Hurricane” were all mentioned in the legal papers as footnotes.

More on the Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, Clinton and other Democrats were “blinded by political ambition.”

Therefore, they orchestrated a conspiracy to circulate false material about then-candidate Trump in order to “damage his life, his political career, and rig the 2016 presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton.”

Having failed in their attempt to stop Trump, the Democrats changed their strategy to undermine the integrity of the Trump administration, according to court records.

It goes on to add that “even worse, the Defendants are still spreading their vile falsehoods. To this very day, they unashamedly flaunt fully disproved falsehoods in an attempt to guarantee that Trump will never be voted again.”