Trump Warns World War III Could be on Its Way

During an interview with Fox News Digital, former President Trump cautioned Russia’s multi-front invasion of Ukraine might spark a “global war.”

He also stated the Biden administration will need to “do a lot more than simple sanctions” to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump said Russia’s war in Ukraine “should never have happened” in an exclusive one-on-one interview with Fox News Digital on the margins of CPAC on Saturday. “It’s a terrible thing to have to go through this.”

“No matter what the circumstances were, it would never have happened. Facts are facts,” Trump asserted. “Nonetheless, there is tremendous bravery on display. I believe they are doing an outstanding job, far more than anyone could have imagined.”

On the question of whether he had a message for Putin, Trump responded, “I have no message.”

“I just believe it’s terrible this is happening right now.” The president described the situation as “something it should not be happening.”

Trump warned, “this could lead to something far bigger than just this one location. It might spread to a lot more countries and even result in a global war.”

You Never Know How A World War Will Start

According to Trump, “in a world war, you can never tell how it will start.”

“You never imagine a war is going to come out of it,” Trump went on to explain. “You find yourself in the middle of a world war, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a very crucial situation for our country, for our nation,” he continued.

In the hours before the interview, fresh penalties on Russia were announced by the United States, Canada, and other European allies. There was a particular mention of “selected” Russian banks being barred from participating in the SWIFT financial system.

President Trump said in response to the measures, according to Fox News Digital: “I anticipate they’ll have to move beyond sanctions.”

Then, Trump told Fox News Digital, “Sanctions are not working because Putin knows how to bypass sanctions and he goes via other nations. As an example, he travels to China.”

To be Continued?

“It’s only a matter of time before they are exposed,” Trump asserted. “If they are not, I can’t imagine, just it’s gonna be a matter of time,” Trump added.

As for China’s ambitions to annex Taiwan, Trump told Fox News Digital the Russian invasion of Ukraine has given the country more confidence in its plans.

“I believe that it does give them more confidence. ” As the former president put it, “I think China would do this regardless.”

In contrast, the former president referred to the “method” in which the Biden administration withdrew American troops and military facilities from Afghanistan as a “surrender,” which he described as “unacceptable.”