Trump Would Keep Putin Obedient with All-Out Nuclear War Threat

(Piers Morgan Uncensored)

President Donald Trump revealed a straightforward way to keep murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in check – namely, by threatening that America would destroy Russia with nuclear weapons.

‘Handling Putin’ 101

Trump’s disclosure of the best approach is particularly telling after Joe Biden spent all of 2021 playing a very strong hand very weakly and trying to appease Putin.

Speaking with Piers Morgan in a TalkTV interview, Trump blasted Putin and Russia for launching the “terrible” war in Ukraine.

He also declared the United States and the West, as a whole, will be “ashamed” of what we have or haven’t done in order to prevent “this catastrophe.”

At this point, the British conservative journalist asked Trump how he would have handled Putin at the present moment if he was in the White House.

Trump responded that he would tell the Moscow dictator the United States is “far more powerful”, has “far more” nukes than Russia, and Putin can never even use the words “nuclear weapons” ever again.

Should he dare to make any kinds of nuclear threats, “we” will “have problems”, Trump stated.

Putin and his regime stooges have been brandishing Russia’s nuclear weapons. They’ve been threatening the United States and its western allies with World War III and/or a full-blown nuclear war.

Trump Tells Piers Morgan He’s a Fool

Besides the “How to Handle Putin 101” lesson that Trump provided in his interview for TalkTV, he also gave another very unsubtle hint that he is going to run for president once again in 2024.

Trump told Morgan he cannot reveal his plans because of “campaign finance” reasons,” but he did state many people will be “very happy” with what he is going to announce on that topic.

The first part of Trump’s interview for Piers Morgan, which was aired on Monday, was also notable for Trump telling Morgan that he’s a lot “more honest” than Morgan.

Trump even went as far as telling the British journalist that he doesn’t view him as “real,” causing Morgan to be taken aback.

Trump also described Morgan as a “fool” because the latter believes the last presidential election was “fair” and “honest.”

The second part of Trump’s interview for Morgan is yet to be aired. However, it will feature his comments about the British royal family and the entire saga of their relations with Prince Harry and his controversial American wife, Meghan Markle.

In the 30-second clip from that second part of the interview, which has been aired, Trump describes Harry as the “most whipped” person he could ever think of.

He also called upon Queen Elizabeth II to take away all royal titles from Harry and Meghan, who are technically the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex.