Trump’s 2024 Run Could Clear Out GOP Candidate Field, Says Ted Cruz

"Ted Cruz" by Gage Skidmore

In a recent interview with Fox News, Republican Senator Ted Cruz showered our nation’s former president with praise, claiming his potential run in 2024 could easily blow other GOP candidates out of the water.

What’s more, Cruz believes a large amount of the remaining Republican hopefuls will decide against their presidential bids, should Trump’s 2024 run actually happen. Although the run itself remains shrouded in mystery.

“Ted Cruz” by Gage Skidmore

Making America great again, again

Regardless of what happens, the senator believes much like last time, Trump will simply do whatever he wants and his odds of winning are drastically increased by the fact he was one of our nation’s greatest leaders.

However, even Cruz can’t exactly tell how the 2024 election will go. Although it’s currently looking up for the right side of the political spectrum, with the midterm election polls all shifting in Republicans’ favor.

Moreover, it’ll definitely be hard for Biden to reclaim the lead he’d taken when he was practically elected just because the Democrats didn’t provide a better option.

His approval rating tanking from the moment he was signed into office doesn’t exactly spell “victory” for the Democrats.

This leaves everything in Trump’s hands, as the rest of the GOP waits for his next move, and Cruz believes that anyone who claims otherwise is lying.

Although knowing the former president’s eccentric nature, he’s probably going to decide on whatever time frame he desires.

Trump’s 2024 run could be right around the corner

The two didn’t start off on the right foot though, clashing at the 2016 GOP primaries when Trump called the Texas senator “Lyin Ted.”

Although they managed to set their differences aside right after his election victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the end, it may not have been anything more than some friendly political banter. Given Trump’s immaculate sense of humor, it’s possible everything he’d said about Cruz was in good nature.

The Texas senator added that Trump’s accomplishments as president of the United States were enormous and anyone who had the honor to work alongside him should be proud for giving the American people what they deserved.

As it stands, it’s unclear whether the Make America Great Again agenda will be making a comeback, but with extensive support from prominent Republican figures, Trump’s got a pretty good shot at winning back his spot in the White House.

The former president has hinted at a 2024 run numerous times, which immediately sparked debate among Democrats who went above and beyond to uplift his name before and during his presidency.

Despite all their efforts though, Biden has failed his voters time and time again, prompting many of the minorities who originally voted Democratic to start switching sides.