Trump’s Favored Candidate, J.D. Vance, Triumphs Over Other GOP Members

"JD Vance" by Gage Skidmore

The Ohio Republican primary closed with the fan-favorite, successful author, and Trump endorsee J.D. Vance taking the win.

He won an impressive 32.2%, compared to former Treasurer John Mandel’s 23.9% and Senator Matt Dolan’s 23.3%.

Vance originally received Trump’s endorsement in April, despite making a hefty amount of anti-Trump comments during his 2016-2020 presidency, with Trump claiming Vance to be the best option to keep Senator Rob Portman’s seat in the hands of Republicans.

Vance added there are dozens of fake news agencies out there that have attempted to sell his campaign as the death of Trump’s “America First” agenda, assuring it was still alive and kicking.

“JD Vance” by Gage Skidmore

Tim Ryan attempts to win over Ohio Republicans

A CNN report shows that Trump contacted Vance shortly after the race concluded to congratulate him on his victory.

The rest of the GOP was quick to follow, with former first son, Donald Trump Jr. tweeting the GOP is now “the MAGA party,” following it up with a shoutout to the aforementioned “America First” agenda.

Other candidates also had the backing of prominent Republican figures, including Sen. Matt Dolan.

However, it seems that Trump’s disapproval of his decision to change the Cleveland Indians’ name to Cleveland Guardians did enough damage to secure Vance’s victory.

However, after the race closed, both Dolan and Mandel stated they’ll support Vance in his future run for senator as the Republican candidate.

On the other side, though, the Democratic Senate primary closed on a much different note, with Rep. Tim Ryan winning by a landslide, earning nearly 70% of votes just minutes after polling finished at 7:30 PM.

J.D. Vance extends thanks to Trump

Ryan’s opponents were Morgan Harper and Traci Johnson.

While he’s definitely aiming to take moderate Republican Rob Portman’s seat, he stated he’s looking to legislate for all Ohio residents, urging that both Republicans and Independents come to his events.

While somewhat unconventional, this move is sure to win him at least some admiration from the right-leaning crowd.

This was the case with NYC Mayor Eric Adams, whose police background and unwillingness to play into woke media’s stunts earned him the attention of a few Republican figures.

The same day, the Republican gubernatorial was also called in favor of Gov. Mike DeWine, who took nearly 57% of the vote, followed by Jim Renacci and Joe Blystone, with 25.6% and 15.4%, respectively.

Currently, two Democrat mayoral candidates are looking to run against DeWine on the October ballot, with Nan Whaley, former Dayton mayor, beating her opponent John Cranley, Cincinnati’s former mayor, by a two-to-one ratio.

As for the House of Representatives primaries, the Trump endorsee Max Miller won over numerous GOP hopefuls, with the race called at 9:18 PM.

His hopeful opponent from the Democrat side is Rep. Shontel Brown, who attained an early lead over Nina Turner, an integral figure of Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.