Trump’s Got a Plan to End the Ukrainian Conflict in a Matter of Days, If Not Hours!

In an interview with Sean Hannity from Fox News, former President Donald Trump made a couple of comments regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, claiming he’d have resolved the conflict within a day.

To the confusion of many, Trump refused to say what he’s got in mind, but he assured if the war continues past the end of the 2024 presidential election, he’ll have a peace deal made on his first day in office.

Excellent display of leadership

This only goes to show how charismatic the former president is, as well as how dedicated he is to win in the upcoming election, even though his competition from within the GOP is as fierce as they come.

Trump believes the supposed negotiations between himself, Putin, and Zelensky would be quite easy to handle and he’s amazed Biden hasn’t come up with a solution to this fairly simple issue.

Of course, Trump made sure no one else makes use of his plans by completely obscuring them; although he did promise he would make them public, should he actually win the 2024 presidential election.

While he may be a bit too optimistic about the Ukrainian war, Trump is perfectly aware of how the situation is unfolding.

Trump added he would do everything in his power to make the negotiations as short as possible, as the war could become much worse by the time he’s made it into office.

All-out nuclear warfare if the Ukraine conflict escalates

The former president took a couple of stabs at the current US administration, claiming we could very easily have WW3 on our hands if the Russia/Ukraine situation isn’t resolved by the time election season rolls around.

Of course, Trump’s long history with Putin is certainly one thing that would have a positive impact on these negotiations; he even added that the invasion never would’ve happened if he’d been elected in 2020.

In an earlier interview with Tucker Carlson, Trump stated defending Ukraine from Russia isn’t exactly a strategic interest for the US, but it most definitely is one for Europe, which would be in direct contact with Russia, should Ukraine fall under their control.

He argued this is the reason Europe should be paying a lot more to support Ukrainian troops than the US currently is.