Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy Survives Yet Another Termination Attempt

Justice was preserved this week on Thursday.

A federal judge blocked Biden’s attempt at bringing one of Trump’s policies to a premature end, allowing the limited restriction of immigration through the southern border to continue.

The judge in question, Matthew Kacsmaryk from the Northern Texas District, stated he’ll be putting the termination of the policy on hold, creating yet another setback for Joe who tried to end the policy as early as January 2021.

Federal judge blocked Biden from ending Trump-era border policy

What this means is those seeking asylum at the southern border will not, in fact, be allowed to wait for their documentation inside the US. Rather, they will wait in Mexico until the merits of their claims are resolved.

The policy, formerly known as Migrant Protection Protocols, has remained in place ever since Trump was in office; it’s likely the one thing holding off a massive flood of illegal aliens into this country. Although it can’t last forever.

Earlier this year, in June, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled with a 5-4 vote that the Biden administration acted properly when seeking to bring an end to the policy, with the policy-making a lightning-fast comeback once Texas and Missouri threatened to sue.

Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, involved in filing the suit that would block the policy from being lifted, celebrated the federal judge’s decision, claiming the open border agenda can’t withstand the legal attacks he’s got in store.

Migrant Protection Protocol is here to stay

Of course, there’s no Trump-era policy without its opponents. Just like Title 42, the “Remain in Mexico” one is no different; there’s already a plethora of immigrant rights groups advocating against it.

Some of the groups even make the bold claim that the policy denies immigrants the ability to seek asylum in the US, forcing them into what they describe as “dangerous circumstances” as they wait for their application to be approved.

Unfortunately, this isn’t how the policy works; its only intention is to prevent illegal immigration by forcing asylum seekers to wait outside the US before they’re allowed entry into the country, which is a reasonable demand.

This makes even more sense if one considers the ridiculous amount of illegal immigrants that enter this country on a daily basis. Those sky-high numbers are only the recorded ones that manage to slip away from Border Patrol agents.

Biden’s open-border policies are a trainwreck. They are exactly what’s causing the immigrant crisis we’ve been dealing with for the past two years, as they create more than enough initiative for immigrants to try and enter the country illegally.

Cities like El Paso are a testament to what Biden-era policies are actually capable of doing. The once beautiful city has slowly been overrun with immigrants who can be seen trespassing on private property and camping out on the streets for months on end.