Tucker Carlson Believes It’s Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment

In April 2019, Joe Biden declared he would be running for president of the United States again. It was Biden’s fourth time running for president, depending on how you counted.

As a result, the majority of Americans believed they understood who Biden was at the time. They were acquainted with his face after 52 years in office, but it turned out they were wrong.

Six weeks later, Biden was on the stage in Florida for the first Democratic primary debate; he was difficult to identify, even among those who were familiar with him at the time.

Extensive aesthetic surgery transformed him into a completely new person, but the most startling difference was that he no longer sounded like the former vice president.

Blustery and humorous, with plenty of Irish charm, Biden was probably the last person you recalled. That was something he was well-known for.

Despite this, Biden came out as distant and uninterested on stage.

Biden’s Silence at the Debate

He seemed to be apprehensive about speaking at times, maybe for fear of stumbling over phrases or forgetting what he was saying.

His gaze was captured by the camera on many occasions as he just stared into the distance.

He seemed to be completely engrossed in memories. When Biden was finally able to concentrate, he seemed to be quite irritated.

Whatever the reason, Democratic primary voters were unimpressed with his performance in the primaries. Biden’s approval ratings fell by ten percent overnight.

Biden’s Staff Stays Quiet

It’s unclear what occurred to Biden that evening in Miami, and the Biden team has never addressed what went wrong.

However, whatever happened, it was never resolved. It is still going on. From that day on, Biden’s public appearances have been distinguished by his outbursts of rage, which have become perhaps his most recognizable characteristic.

So, you’re well aware of what I’m talking about. You’ve seen it in the people around you, even in the ones you care about. There is absolutely no connection between this and politics.

It seems you have just seen a guy who is losing his capacity to control his emotions. The occurrence of uncontrollable outbursts of fury among the elderly, especially among males, is prevalent, and they are often associated with senility.

It is an extremely frustrating feeling to be without it, and your heart really goes out to everyone who is going through it.

Though we have great compassion for anybody in that situation, we must remember Biden is the president of the US at a time when our nation is experiencing the most tumultuous period in its recent history.

Biden is leading the United States into a war; it is reasonable to consider the influence on his mental and emotional conditions, rather than merely his age of 79.