Tucker Carlson Riles Up Democrats with New Move

Tucker Carlson, the former star host of Fox News, announced he is planning to launch a new program that will air on Twitter.

Lefties All About Policing Your Freedom, Thoughts, Media

Carlson’s ouster comes after the conservative network agreed to settle with Dominion Voting Systems and pay almost $800 million for claims about 2020 election irregularities.

Carlson, on the other hand, seems to be doing better than ever personally, as well as professionally. He is preparing for a new giant leap in his quest to expose and crush the vicious lies of the woke left.

This much has become clear from a new NBC News interview with former failed CNN propagandist, Brian Stelter. He was interviewed by guest host Tom Costello precisely about the effects of Carlson’s Twitter program, TheBlaze reports.

Costello asked Stelter, who was axed a year back, whether there would be anybody to “police” what Carlson would be saying on his new program.

Costello went so far as to claim Twitter had been under fire for “all-out lies,” “racism,” and “misinformation-disinformation” even before it was bought by Elon Musk – yet now, the social media platform had become “crazy” with Tucker Carlson’s new program.

Stelter Calls Carlson ‘Radioactive’

The failed ex-CNN anchor replied Twitter would just become a “free-for-all,” “right-wing website,” an idea that would be “cemented” by Carlson’s show. He claimed some users would decide to abandon it and migrate to other platforms.

Asked by Costello whether Twitter’s advertisers would tolerate Tucker Carlson’s “toxic culture,” Stelter predicted they wouldn’t.

He called Carlson “radioactive” and claimed he dragged down Fox News’s profits, a bizarre proposition at best. Stelter might actually be right – though the only people for whom Tucker Carlson is a dangerous nuke are the America-hating lefties.

The failed former CNN anchor’s ludicrous anti-freedom comments are no surprise, considering that when he was still on the air at the far-left network, he wondered how Elon Musk might make Twitter work if he allowed “too much freedom.”

That is because the lefties view social media as one thing only – a great tool to harass, terrorize, and brainwash others into submission.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.