Twitter Employee: We Are Communists and We Hate Elon Musk

"Twitter" by Scott Beale

In a recent series of leaked conversations with Twitter developers and employees, it’s been revealed the company has an immense left-wing bias.

They’ve been purposely censoring conservatives for years, with no intention of stopping either.

The developer in question, Siru Murugesan, referred to his coworkers as “commies”, claiming a majority of them hate Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the idea that he’ll be in control of Twitter.

“Elon Musk” by Daniel Oberhaus

No free speech

In the secretly recorded conversations, Siru can be heard stating Twitter “doesn’t believe in free speech.”

Many employees in charge of censoring content are in fear of being let go once Musk, a stern advocate of free speech, concludes his $44M takeover.

While Siru is also on one of the company’s more influential developers teams, he’s not in full support of the takeover.

However, he’s not bothered with it either, assuring many of his coworkers don’t share his opinion.

When asked whether he’s talked to any of his colleagues on the topic of the Musk takeover, Siru stated many of them claimed they’ll be leaving the company if he’s made CEO of Twitter.

This is a classic strategy the liberal crowd has been employing ever since their rise to prominence.

In fact, he believes the office environment is so unbelievably toxic and left-leaning that it’s what made him change his political views; although he hasn’t let himself get radicalized by their absurd ideas.

Twitter and free speech are two unrelated terms

In the sense of Twitter being a free platform, the discriminatory censorship of right-leaning accounts’ posts is exactly what Musk is trying to combat.

Twitter has censored dozens of his tweets simply because of his political ideas.

Siru himself criticized this kind of behavior, citing the banning of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon from the platform, while letting leftist extremists reign free on the site.

However, a lot has changed since Musk announced the upcoming change in leadership on April 25th.

Many employees are worried for their jobs, due to their mistreatment of right-leaning figures and agendas on the website, especially as Musk’s companies aren’t known to employ Twitter’s “socialist” workplace ethic.

Siru blames the company’s declining profit on its work policies.

He’s seen people be absent for months at a time and claims it to be one of the main factors of Twitter’s poor performance as of late.

Naturally, a lot of the employees who usually slack around or barely even show up for work were quick to act when the Musk takeover was announced.

Most of them were worried Musk would deliver on his promise to return Donald Trump to the platform.

If anything, the saving grace is the board of directors is still in charge of the company.

As much as the staff wants to whine and flail around over an administration change, it won’t do much to change anything.