Two of Rep. Connolly’s Staffers Beaten with Bats at His Office

Democratic lawmaker Gerry Connolly found quite the surprise in his office on Monday morning; two of his staffers had been attacked with baseball bats.

Thankfully, neither of them received life-threatening injuries. After the examination by a medical professional, the duo testified the attacker tried to get to Connolly, albeit without any success.

Senseless violence is back on the menu

Connolly spoke up on the unfortunate event, claiming he will not be tolerating any acts of violence against members of his staff. He added he will be doing everything in his power to prevent similar things from happening in the future.

The attacker has been placed in custody. Even though his victims didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries, the fact his main target was so high-profile is enough to lock him up for a long time.

However, Connolly didn’t focus on chastising the attacker, but rather, demanded that both of the victims receive all the help and care they need during this time. Connolly added that he hopes the quick arrest will deter any future attackers from trying to do the same thing.

He also went on to praise the Fairfax County police force for being so quick to respond to the attack and apprehend the culprit to prevent any further injury to any other staffers in the office.

No one is safe in Biden’s America

Unfortunately, no lawmaker or political figure is safe from attacks like this anymore. With groups like Antifa and BLM constantly on the move, we can never know what’s coming around the corner.

Connolly criticized anyone who would dare to use his staffers as a means of getting to him, labeling it as a low and inhumane act, especially considering the amount of pointless violence it led to.

The last thing we need right now is to normalize acts like this; both of the aforementioned “organizations” would abuse the opportunities they’d be given.

Fairfax Police’s swift response may have been the only thing that saved Connolly’s head from blunt force trauma; there’s never enough praise for the boys in blue protecting us all.

Extremist groups from either side are a tumor on this once-great country. You may have also noticed they became much more prevalent just as Joe was signed into office.

His very relaxed approach to governing the US is what led to the botched Afghanistan pullout, the border situation, and the current state of the economy.

The US has seen better days. In less than two years, we may get a glimpse of a future both Trump and DeSantis are fighting for.