U.S. Senator Puts a Hit on Putin

Sen. Lindsey Graham urged for Russians to “stand up” and assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, amid Russia’s savage war on Ukraine.

Graham then reaffirmed his call for the same thing on Friday morning.

“Someone in Moscow has to step up and take the initiative. Is there still a Brutus in the Russian Federation? In the Russian military, is there anyone who wants to be a national hero like Colonel Stauffenberg,” Graham remarked on Hannity.

In the Roman Empire, the politician Brutus was responsible for the death of the dictator Julius Caesar. Then, in the German Empire, Stauffenberg was a military commander who tried to assassinate Hitler.

Graham is Talking Like a Tough Guy

“The only way this will be resolved, my buddy, is for someone in Russia to assassinate this individual,” Graham added. “By doing so, you would be providing a wonderful service to your country, as well as the rest of the globe.”

Graham also used Twitter to reiterate his remarks on “Hannity.” As he put it, “the only people who can remedy this are the Russian people,” encouraging them to “take the initiative” or else “living separated from the world” would be his fate.

Others were quick to condemn the senator’s remarks, fearing they would anger Putin and lead to the United States becoming embroiled in a war among two of the largest and most powerful nuclear nations.

On both sides of the aisle, there was opposition to the plan.

Republican, Democrats Swinging Back at Graham

“Seriously, what the hell is going on?” Rep. Ilhan Omar, a member of the House “Squad,” sent a tweet.

Her final words were, “I really hope our Congress members would calm down and moderate their remarks while the administration attempts to avert WWlll,” she said.

In a time when the world is watching to see how the United States and its leaders respond, Lindsey Graham and other House members’ words are not helpful.

The tweet came from Rep. Marjorie Greene, who said it was “irresponsible, dangerous, and unstable” at a time when “we are all praying for stability and for the people of Ukraine.”

“We require leaders with level heads and a consistent sense of knowledge, instead of bloodthirsty, warmongering politicians who attempt to appear tough on Twitter by advocating assassinations.”

Furthermore, Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s envoy States, branded the remarks “criminal,” “outrageous,” and “unacceptable.”

Even after receiving criticism from within his own party, Graham remained firm in his demand for Russians to “grow up and take [Putin] out” during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning.

The Russian foreign minister replied by accusing Antonov of “assisting a genocidal maniac in Putin.”

“It is you, my buddy, who has the responsibility to apologize,” Graham added.