Ukrainian President Will Address United States Congress

Russia is continuing its multi-front assault against Ukraine. President Zelenskyy is now due to speak to members of Congress on Wednesday.

Members of Congress received a letter from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on Monday.

In this letter, they expressed their admiration for the Ukrainian people for their “extraordinary boldness and perseverance during Russia’s unprovoked, vicious, and illegal war,” according to the letter.

As the war in Ukraine continues, Pelosi and Schumer wrote in a letter to members of Congress.

This letter states, “it is with great respect and appreciation for Ukraine that we welcome all House members and Congress to attend a digital speech to the United States Congress given by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.”

Congress Responds

The leaders of the House of Representatives and the Senate stated that Congress “remains unshakeable” in its “commitment to helping Ukraine as they confront Putin’s brutal and evil attack.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that his country may use chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine.

According to them, adopting legislation to “hijack and restrict the Russian economy, as well as provide humanitarian, security, and economic support to Ukraine,” is a priority for them.

Earlier this month, Zelenskyy participated in a Zoom video teleconference with more than 280 Congress members.

During the phone conversation, Zelenskyy asked for more deadly assistance, aircraft, and harsher sanctions, notably requesting that Russia’s oil imports be halted.

Because of President Vladimir Putin’s assault against Ukraine, President Biden has imposed a ban on all importation of Russian crude oil, natural gas, and energy into the United States.

Biden cited “the primary artery” of Russia’s economy as the objective of his prohibition.

US Rejects Poland’s Plan

The United States has rejected a Polish request to transfer MIG-29 fighter planes to Ukraine, describing the move as “high-risk.”

Additionally, the House of Representatives approved a budget plan that includes an extra $13.6 billion in assistance for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian foreign minister has been appealing to the United States. He has also been appealing to other western allies to impose an air defense zone over the nation as Russia’s assault against the country will continue.

According to a Republican representative, a no-fly zone over Ukraine is worth the dangers since Putin may strike Western countries anyway.

Biden and NATO have rejected the imposition of the no zone over Ukraine. In rejecting this, they claim that doing so would bring the United States and NATO into direct conflict with Russia and further escalate the crisis.

Because Ukraine is not a part of NATO, it is not liable to the Article V clause of the NATO alliance. This clause states when one member nation is attacked, all other member countries must act to aid that member country.